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15 New Productivity Apps in September 2013

The month of September brought to-do lists and time management apps, an email client, a cloud storage tool, a journal, a QR code creator, a photo-tagging app, a flight monitor, and a tool for drawing diagrams.

Here is a list of September’s new mobile productivity apps for Android, Apple iOS, and Windows Phone. There are both paid and free apps.

Apple iOS

Begin. Begin is a fast and simple to-do list for day-to-day activity. Each to-do item has just three options: do it today, do it tomorrow, or it’s done. At the start of each day, Begin clears out old to-dos, so you can start fresh. Price: $0.99.

Begin app


Clear. Clear, the popular to-do list, is finally available for iPad in this new universal version of the app. Easily move tasks between lists. Pull down to preview lists in the sidebar. Price: $2.99.

Clear app


Pomodoro Timer. Pomodoro Timer helps boost productivity using the Pomodoro Technique, a popular time management system. Set your target number of Pomodoros per day, customizing time and break length. Choose your alarm from a variety of sounds. Price: $1.99.

Pomodoro Timer app

Pomodoro Timer.

Flint. Flint is a full-featured and simple Campfire client. Connect to multiple Campfire accounts. Get push notifications, highlight messages, and more. View rooms without joining so you can catch up when you’re not available. Price: $4.99.

Flint app


Uttr. Uttr is a handy app to listen to your favorite RSS news feeds, weather information, and calendar events in a continuous stream. This is great app for starting your day off. Price: Free.

Uttr app



Evomail. Evomail is a mobile email client. Archive, trash, and label emails with simple swipes. Evomail supports Gmail, Yahoo Mail, iCloud, AOL Mail, GMX, Fastmail, Yandex, and other IMAP email accounts. Exchange and POP3 support is coming shortly. Price: Free.

Evomail app


Simplenote. Simplenote is an easy way to keep notes, lists, ideas, and more, in sync with all your devices. As your collection of notes grows, search them instantly and keep them organized with tags and pins. Price: Free.

Simplenote app


Today. Today is a set of minimal, transparent calendar widgets, with Agenda and Monthly views. Today syncs with Google Calendar to show events on home screen and lock screen. Choose which calendars you would like to show and over what timeframe, and Today will handle the rest. Price: $1.59.

Today app


Tresorit. Tresorit is an encrypted cloud storage tool, designed to store, sync, and share confidential data. Turn any folder on your desktop into a Tresor and access its contents securely on your Android device. Share secure folders easily from your Android device with a few taps. Price: Free.

Tresorit app


Lekh Diagram. Express ideas simply by sketching shapes with your finger. Lekh Diagram will convert sketches into regular shapes. Make diagrams, flow charts, organizational charts, Venn diagrams, mind maps, and more. Price: Free.

Lekh Diagram app

Lekh Diagram.

Windows Phone

GeoPhoto. GeoPhoto lets you add and edit geo tags on pictures. View all your geo-tagged pictures on Nokia HERE maps. Price: Free.

GeoPhoto app


Super Calendar. Super Calendar is a useful calendar app with nice features. View day, week, month, and year for your appointments. Pin individual appointments, tap and hold anywhere an appointment is displayed, use the search feature, and more. Price: $1.99.

Super Calendar app

Super Calendar.

Sofa. Sofa is a clean, modern journal application. Write down your thoughts, attach photos, and organize entries with tags. Back up your data to SkyDrive to keep your musings safe. Price: Free.

Sofa app


EZShare. Easily share items using QR codes. Generate QR codes on the fly from web links, app links or plain text. Create new items or edit existing items to share on your phone. Price: $0.99.

EZShare app


Flight Countdown. Flight Countdown is an app to monitor the status of a flight. Enter the flight number, and monitor it for its actual arrival time. Get updates on any delays, find out when a flight takes off, and keep an eye on traffic to let you know when you should leave for the airport. Price: $0.99.

Flight Countdown app

Flight Countdown.

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