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17 New Productivity Apps in Jan. 2012

The month of January brought several task collaboration apps, virtual assistants and search apps, app managers, and an app to find the perfect color for your site.

Here is a list of January’s new mobile productivity apps for Android and Apple iOS. There are both paid and free apps for your mobile productivity.


Fax App. Fax documents from your smartphone. Send photos, text, or PDFs to conventional fax machines. Features cover sheets and live status updates. Also available for iPhone. Price: Free.

Toggl. Toggl mobile app is now available on Android. Track team or individual project time from your smartphone. Also available for iPhone. Price: Free.

Wikipedia. Get the official Wikipedia app for Android. Access the encyclopedia’s more than 20 million articles in 280 languages. Also available for iPhone. Price: Free.

Evi. Evi is a virtual assistant to help with all of your everyday information needs. For Android users, Evi is an answer to the iPhone’s Siri. Price: Free.

Easy App Manager. Use Easy App Manager to manage your apps and keep your private apps confidential. Price: Free.

Handy Scanner Free PDF Creator. This app turns pictures into print-ready PDF documents. Fine-tune images with color enhancement and filters. Pro version is also available for $2.69 with no ads. Price: Free.

Google Launcher. Keep and manage all of your Google applications in one app. Automatically detects Google apps on your smartphone: Gmail, Google Search, Google Translate, Google Docs, Goggle Calendar, and more. Price: Free.

Apple iOS

PDFpen. With PDFpen, use your iPad to sign a contract, make corrections, fill out an application, make comments on a presentation, and more. Email documents directly from app. Price: $9.99.

MyScript Notes Mobile. This is a notebook app for handwriting notes, rather than typing. Take notes, draw pictures, and do handwritten annotations. Export entire pages as PDFs, or covert to text that you can export and share. Price: $7.99.

Todo.txt Touch. This is a simple task manager that automatically syncs with your Dropbox account. Add, update and prioritize tasks, tag them with project names and contexts, search, filter, and mark done. Price: $1.99.

CloudOn. CloudOn lets you use your iPad to create, view, and edit files directly in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Open them, edit them, and save them right in your workspace using your Dropbox account. Price: Free.

SkyDrive. With SkyDrive for the iPhone, you can now easily store, access, manage and share files on SkyDrive from Microsoft. Store your files, access them from any device, and share a file link with others. Price: Free.

CSS Color Finder. This app is for site creators and designers who need to generate colors and find their CSS code. Just move the RGB sliders to generate and preview any color. Price: Free.

Speaktoit Assistant. This app is a virtual assistant for your iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S. Use it to answer questions, find information, and connect with social media. Get maps, search for news and images, look up weather reports, convert currency and measurements, send email, and more. Price: $4.99.

Effectum. Create meetings in a cloud synchronized environment agenda with notifications. Invite users for meetings and locate them with Google Maps. You or attendees can change interactive meetings easily. Receive push notifications for new meetings, files or a location update. Price: $0.99.

myCube. The myCube app will help you save time by memorizing the relevant online searches you make. Get quick access to previously visited websites based on relevance that you decide and search words. Price: $0.99.

CloudStaff. This app is a quick and easy way to send and manage photos and voice memos. Features a set of message templates. Create additional message templates with pre-set details of the recipient, message subject and body text. Price: Free.

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