2014 Top 25: Our Most Popular Posts of the Year

As 2014 draws to a close, we’ve compiled a list of our 25 most popular articles of the year, based on the number of page views.

Popular subjects included productivity tools, design, WordPress, and search engine optimization.

Articles that we published earlier in the year are more likely to be on the list than later ones: The list is based on an article’s total page views in 2014, regardless of when it was published in the year.

Top Articles for 2014

1.  7 Ecommerce Design Trends for 2014

2.  Pros and Cons of UPS SurePost, FedEx SmartPost

3.  15 Free Themes for WooCommerce

4.  5 Niches for a New Ecommerce Business

5.   10 Essential Google Analytics Dashboards for Ecommerce

6.  Ecommerce Marketplace Opportunities for 2014

7.  Google Analytics: Configuring 10 Key Ecommerce Metrics

8.  Changes to Facebook Pages, News Feed, Ads Affect Merchants

9.  14 Key Ecommerce Events to Track in Google Analytics

10.  SEO: How to Create a 301 Redirect Map, for Site Redesigns

11.  16 Inexpensive Ways to Grow Ecommerce Revenue

12.  18 New Free Commercial Fonts

13.  8 Ways to Integrate Social Media with Existing Marketing

14.  13 Emerging Social Networks to Watch

15.  For Ecommerce, 12 Social Media Essentials for 2014

16.  Build an Ecommerce Content Marketing Strategy for 2014

17.  20 New Ecommerce Themes for WordPress

18.  SEO: Prioritizing Keywords and Content

19.  10 WordPress Ecommerce Plugins to Improve Product Pages

20.  11 Free Ways to Track your Competitors

21.  5 Free Ways to Learn SEO

22.  For Redesigns, Protect SEO with 301 Redirect Strategy

23.  Google Analytics Set-up Checklist for Ecommerce

24.  SEO: Getting More from Google’s Keyword Planner

25.  14 Sites for Free Stock Photos

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