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51 Productivity Extensions for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE and Opera

Your current web browser can do a lot more than you think. Most browsers come loaded with features, but there are many free downloadable extensions that can make your browser a much more useful tool for your business.

Below are 51 helpful extensions — for PC and Mac — for the five most-used web browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera.

Download these browser extensions and transform your browser into multi-tasking workhorse.

Multi-Browser Extensions

  1. Google Translate. Once this is installed, you will receive a browser query, asking if you want to translate a web page into a different language. You can also select specific text on a page and translate it. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer.
  2. PriceBlink. A handy tool that will let you know when the product you are shopping for can be purchased elsewhere for a lower price and will automatically notify you if there is a coupon available for the product. Chrome, Firefox, Safari.
  3. TabCloud. Save any browser session and restore it at a later date on any computer — it automatically syncs open tabs between multiple computers with TabCloud running. Chrome, Firefox, similar “SafariTabs” for Safari, Internet Explorer.
  4. Greasemonkey. If you understand how to write JavaScript, this is a must-have. You can customize the functionality of any web page by adding your custom user scripts. “Greasemetal” for Chrome, Firefox, “Greasekit” for Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer
  5. LastPass. This extension securely stores all your passwords and user account information for all your various online accounts, so you can log into sites with a single click. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer.

    PriceBlink home page.

    PriceBlink home page.

  6. Facebook. Share and post on Facebook right from your browser toolbar. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer.
  7. Twitter. Post directly to your Twitter feed right from your browser without having to login from a separate tab. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer.
  8. Web of Trust. This is an add-on that aids in safe surfing and clicking, by measuring and ranking a site’s trust level with a traffic-light style symbol – “green” means very trusted and “red” means not-as-trusted. Millions of sites are already rated and updated daily. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer.

    Chrome Extensions

  9. Google Calendar Checker. Monitor all your Google calendars and quickly view your next meeting or appointment or see the time you have left until your next meeting or appointment — right from your browser toolbar.
  10. Meeting Scheduler. For integration with Google Calendar, this extension is a scheduler for organizing meetings with groups of attendees. The organizer invites the attendees, they respond with their availability and then the organizer can adjust the meeting time and date — right from Chrome’s toolbar.
  11. DayHiker. For use with Google Calendar, you can manage — on the fly — and update your schedule, to-do lists, and more, and also receive reminders on the browser toolbar.
  12. Reader Plus. An enhancement plug-in for users of Google Reader that offers more functionality than the standard Google Reader extension – share news on your social networks with a click, preview items in your unread feed, create custom favorites and more. For the standard Google Reader extension, download Google Reader Notifier.
  13. StayFocused. Forces you or your employees to stay productive by limiting the amount of time that you can spend on time-wasting websites.
  14. Google Voice. This extension offers full access to the Google Voice service. Make and answer calls, send text messages, listen to voicemails — all from your web browser.
  15. Clickable Links. This turns any URL and email, including incomplete or unclickable URLs and emails, into clickable ones.

    Chrome Extensions home page.

    Chrome Extensions home page.

  16. Feedly. With a magazine-style format that lays out all the web pages you visit most, with headlines and most recent posts on a single page.
  17. Weather Watcher Live. If you travel for business frequently, this extension is indispensable. It’s a customizable personal weather station where you can get real-time weather conditions anywhere in the United States.
  18. IE Tab. There are still some websites out there that do not display on Chrome, but will display on IE. With this extension you can keep Chrome running and open an Internet Explorer tab in Chrome to view those incompatible pages.
  19. Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer. Click a link for a Google Docs-supported format and you’ll be automatically taken to the Google Docs viewer instead of having to download and launch another application to view a document.
  20. Chromey Calculator. This is a handy and versatile calculator that is similar to Google’s calculator search function – quickly find the answers to any mathematical query. The calculations are generated using both Google and Wolfram|Alpha.
  21. WordPress Comments Notifier. Be instantly notified in Chrome when your WordPress blog has a new, pending comment.
  22. Blog This!. For users of Google’s Blogger, this extension adds a “Blog This!” button to your browser toolbar, which allows you to post directly — with a single click — to your Blogger blog from any web page.
  23. Clip to Evernote. A handy tool for users of Evernote, the reminder and organization site. The extension adds a button to your Chrome toolbar. With a single click you can save things from the web to a notepad.

    Firefox Extensions

  24. DownThemAll!. A download manager and accelerator built into the Firefox browser, eliminating the need for an external download manager.
  25. Google Shortcuts. Display all the Google services that you use as buttons (or as a space-saving drop-down menu) on your Firefox toolbar.
  26. Tree Style Tab. This extension provides a tree-style sidebar for all of your open tabs to stack vertically rather than the usual horizontal-style above the browser window.

    Firefox Add-Ons home page.

    Firefox Add-Ons home page.

  27. CoolPreviews. Browse faster without having to open new tabs – preview links, images and new websites without living your current page. Hover your mouse cursor over any link and a preview window appears.
  28. Download Statusbar. Quickly view and manage all your downloads from a status bar at the bottom of your browser, without the separate download window getting in the way of your browsing.
  29. Morning Coffee. Add multiple websites to your Morning Coffee extension and then click the button on your toolbar to open up the websites that you start your day with — or any websites that you visit daily — with one click.
  30. AniWeather. For the global traveler – get instant and real-time weather updates and a 5-day forecast for over 77,000 locations worldwide.
  31. Read It Later. When you are working it’s easy to get distracted by an important piece of news or an emailed article. With Read It Later you can save pages to read later with a click and then when you have the free time you can access your saved pages from your computer or phone with or without an Internet connection.
  32. IE Tab. Run Internet Explorer from a separate tab in Firefox rather than having to launch IE separately for those occasional websites that are built only for IE.

    Safari Extensions

  33. The Weather Channel. View weather conditions from around the globe right from your toolbar.
  34. The New York Times Updates. Get streaming and automatically updated headlines direct from The New York Times in your browser toolbar.
  35. Open in Papers. A handy toolbar button that allows you to instantly open and view websites and PDF documents in an iTunes style interface from your Safari browser.

    Safari Extensions home page.

    Safari Extensions home page.

  36. G-Bookmarks. Access all your Google bookmarks in an active tab in Safari.
  37. Shortly. This is a URL shortener for use from your Safari toolbar – choose either “” or “” and post instantly to an email or social network.
  38. Google Tool Bar. This extension offers one-click access to all Google applications – Calendar, Alerts, AdSense, Docs and much more.
  39. WebWatch. Track the time you spend on the web and at which websites – set custom reminders and timers to help you stay productive.

    Internet Explorer Extensions

  40. Google Toolbar. This extension features a dedicated Google search window, form auto-filling, live updates from Google News and full integration with Google’s Maps, Blogger, Docs and more.
  41. The New York Times Instant. You can search The New York Times like a database or search engine with this toolbar extension, and find answers to questions you may have.
  42. XMarks. Synchronize and back up all your favorite websites and bookmarks as well as find other popular websites based on what the other millions of XMarks users are bookmarking.
  43. Finance from Bing. Get the latest stock and market data from Bing Finance. Type in the ticker symbol into your browser toolbar and get real-time information about the stock.
  44. Oomph. As you surf the web, Oomph automatically finds contacts, addresses, and events and allows you to quickly import them into Outlook.
    Internet Explorer Add-Ons home page.

    Internet Explorer Add-Ons home page.

    Opera Extensions

  45. Web2PDFConver. Instantly convert any web page into a PDF with this toolbar add-on button.
  46. Simple ToDo Manager. With this extension, you can add to-do list items, mark items as complete, prioritize your list items and then delete when the task is completed.
  47. Swiss Knife. Like the name suggests, this is a bundle of many tools for your Opera browser – open PDF and Doc files in an online viewer, view YouTube videos instantly, automatically redirect to secure web pages and much more.
  48. Translator. Translate any selected text on an active web page or type text directly into the toolbar in your browser and translate into most of the world’s major languages. The extension can use Google Translate, Bing Translator, Promt translator or Pragma translator.
  49. Unit Converter. This is a simple browser extension that allows for easy unit conversion.
  50. Weather Forecast. This extension shows the current weather and forecast for thousands of locations all around the world.
  51. Mini Wikipedia. Quickly query Wikipedia from your browser’s toolbar without ever having to open up a new tab.

    Opera Extensions home page.

    Opera Extensions home page.

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  1. ria_rocks April 9, 2011 Reply

    Another great article filled with useful info!

    Just wanted to add that both XMarks and Feedly are available for Firefox as well.

    While I personally find XMarks better suited for my needs, Feedly is a great option for those looking for a customizable homepage.

    XMarks on the other hand, is a bookmark organizer that is a heavy bookmarker’s dream come true! Having 100’s and 100’s of bookmarks like I do was a search nightmare until I started using XMarks. Now I can format my bookmarks in a variety of formats with the click of a button, and with tagging, I can search hassle free as well.

    Geesh, I sound like an ad for XMarks! Seriously though, both are great programs, and just wanted to make sure us Firefox users know they’re available for us as well!


  2. ddiggity April 14, 2011 Reply


    Don’t feel bad. Xmarks is a great add-on.

    Here is another good list for Firefox Personally, this is what does it for me.

    I really like customizing my browser and using keyboard shortcuts. Anything that will make me more efficient and safer when browsing is a plus.

    Great list here thanks.

  3. Danielitas Somtoja September 20, 2012 Reply

    That’s a big list you have here, nice work! There is also one new nice productivity-oriented extension, that I can recommend, called Instant Search. I really like it’s idea of searching using shortcut letters and I think anybody will get used to it quickly, just like me. it’s homepage is

  4. James Limberg June 26, 2013 Reply