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7 Worthy Magento Extensions

Ecommerce merchants often add features and functions to their sites to increase sales and performance.

In this article, you’ll find seven worthy extensions for Magento — the ecommerce platform — that address common ecommerce-related tasks. Some of these work best with the free Magento Community Edition; others will also work well on the Enterprise version.


Drop shipping is a great way to expand a store’s inventory or include items that might otherwise be two expensive when shipped to a warehouse only to be shipped again to a customer. But keeping track of all of the required relationships can be a challenge. uDropship from Unirgy is work a look at $950.00.

FishPig’s WordPress Integration

WordPress is among the best open source blogging and article management systems on the market. This extension seamlessly integrates into Magento.


New tax laws in jurisdictions across the U.S. can dramatically complicate sales tax collection. Avalara is a leading provider of tax collection management software. Use this AvaTax extension to easily integrate with Magento. While this extension is free, it does require Avalara’s software-as-a-service solution.

Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth is a loyalty points and rewards extension that lets merchants reward customers for consistently buying. The solution thoroughly integrates and has been shown boost sales. Sweet Tooth costs $399 for a standard license and $999 for a platinum license.

Magento Debug

Magento is a very powerful ecommerce platform, but that power does come with a level of complexity. Magento Debug, which is free, can help resolve many debugging challenges.

Fooman Speedster

The free Fooman Speedster uses the Minify Library to combine, compress, and cache Magento’s JavaScript files and CSS. The result is a measurable performance improvement.

Better Store Search

According to this extension’s website, about 70 percent of shoppers say that store search plays an important role in buying decisions. If that is the case, site search — good site search — is clearly important. For $249, this extension provides a lot of search control.

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