August 2010 Top Ten: Our Most Popular Posts

Each month, we compile a list of the ten most popular articles we published at Practical eCommerce that month, based on the number of page views. Here are our ten most popular articles for August 2010.

Top 10 Converting Websites: The Similarities and Differences

We compared ten top-converting websites to determine what they have in common, and how they differ. When the ten examples are held up against each other and against Amazon some clear patterns begin to emerge.

Facebook Fan Page Changes Coming Next Week

Facebook made some changes in August to its tab pages on profiles and Fan pages that will affect just about anyone who has custom tabs. Paul Chaney, our social media director, blogs about the Facebook changes and what they could mean to developers and online retailers.

Ten Great Ecommerce Ideas for August 2010

Each month Practical eCommerce asks industry insiders to provide ten practical tips to help ecommerce merchants succeed. The August issue of “Great Ecommerce Ideas” provides a variety of ecommerce ideas, from cutting clutter from web pages, to crafting a clear message for a global audience.

Facebook Encourages Ecommerce; App-Makers Respond

Facebook now provides a series of resource guides for Fan page development and Facebook Ads development for businesses to engage users. Several new Facebook apps and plugins are profiled here, each of which has potential for helping ecommerce businesses to extend their marketing reach.

Transitioning from Pay-Per-Click to Organic Search

Online marketing consultant Bill Hartzer explores a strategy for spending less on PPC while maintaining traffic and sales. The article can help merchants that are transitioning away from pay-per-click (PPC) advertising towards organic search results.

Conversion: Pros and Cons of Four Checkout Methods

The conversion process starts the minute customers land on any page of your store. This article dissects four checkout methods. The goal is to convert shoppers that have made it clear they want to buy something–by adding it to their cart.

10 Holiday Ecommerce Pitfalls

Holiday promotions are already in full swing; this article takes a step back to suggest a few no-nos for ecommerce merchants to avoid. It could help you enter the fourth quarter with a solid marketing plan, and better prepared to handle holiday traffic irregularities.

Lessons Learned: Candle Retailer Regrets Custom Shopping Cart

Entrepreneur Logan Suttman discusses the ups and downs of his family’s candle business. He talks candidly about order management, expense control, shipping, marketing, SEO, and much more; including what he sees as the company’s biggest successes and biggest mistakes.

Conversion Tip: Understand Why Visitors Abandon Purchases

Charles Nicholls, founder and CEO of the conversion and cart-abandonment-recovery firm, SeeWhy, addresses the two main causes of abandoned purchases and why they matter to ecommerce merchants.

Profile: Retailer Spends Little Money for Big Social Media Impact

Practical eCommerce profiles an Internet retailer that makes great use of free and low-cost apps to build out its social network presence. We show how furniture and accessories retailer Layla Grayce provides a social commerce model for other ecommerce merchants to emulate.

One More Popular Post for Good Measure

Holiday Tips for 2010, Part 1

This article is the first segment of a five-part series of good holiday-selling tips from ecommerce professionals. It contains advice for developing special holiday landing pages, enlisting your staff for a holiday brainstorming session, estimating holiday inventory, and more.

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