Bloglist: From SEO to Self Development

In Bloglist, we ask ecommerce professionals to identify their favorite blogs. For this installment, we’ve asked Yaro Starak, with Entrepreneur’s Journey.

Yaro Starak

Name: Yaro Starak, web entrepreneur
Company: Entrepreneur’s Journey

This is a relatively new and prolific blogger. John is from Vancouver and talks a lot about how he monetizes his blog — an area that always interests me.

Darren Rowse is a friend from Melbourne and the most famous professional blogger. His blog is THE blog for news about blogging.

Whenever I get too caught up with making money on the Internet and need a reality check, I read Steve Pavlina, who teaches self development. It’s a dose of “calm” when you are overstimulated.

I study search engine optimization and this blog is the number one resource for updated info on the SEO world. and

Since I manage these two blogs I have to read them every day. However, I’m not the only writer who contributes to these blogs, hence there is new content even for me.

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