Ecommerce News Around the Web for October 22, 2010

“Ecommerce News Around the Web” is our weekly review of articles, blog posts and other news items that could interest ecommerce merchants.

Etsy’s Coral Stance Upsets Sellers – AuctionBytes

A recent blog posted by auction site Etsy advises shoppers not to purchase items containing coral, declaring it “too precious to wear.” The post upset Etsy sellers that work with legally obtained coral, especially since Etsy does not ban the sale of coral on its site and didn’t bother to warn sellers of its stance.

5 Tips for Writing Better Copy – copyblogger

Average and poor copywriters will find practical advice here to perk up blogs, sales letters, reports, and everything else that is written. Here, a seasoned blogger provides easy-to-understand tips for staying on topic, keeping your message brief and to the point, and engaging readers.

SEO: Get More Bang for Your Buck – ClickZ

Nearly every website owner knows a little bit about optimizing for the search engines (SEO), but few really understand how to get the most out of their SEO efforts. This post says, rather than just ‘doing’ search engine optimization, think about adjusting your budget to get the most bang out of SEO.

35 High Quality Icon Sets for Free – 1stwebdesigner

Web designers should appreciate this roundup of 35 high quality icon sets to enhance web pages. Included are high-resolution browser logos, several sets of social media icons, retro-style icons, web cartoons, glyphs, and lots more—all for free.

Roundtable Discussion on Twitter – Mashable

As part of Mashable’s “Small Business Roundtable Series,” three small business owners talk about the importance of Twitter for business growth. Topics include the various ways businesses can interact with customers on Twitter, and the pros and cons of social media in ecommerce.

How to Avoid the Social Media Dud – Econsultancy

With all the confusion surrounding social media in ecommerce, some merchants are hiring so-called social marketing experts to help sort it out. But, how can you tell if the person you hire to handle social media really knows what they are doing? Learn how to weed out the duds.

Primer: Google’s Placement Targeted Ads – Search Engine Land

Placement ad targeting is unlike Google AdWords, which are targeted ads that appear when specific content is searched, while placement targeted ads allow merchants to choose the actual placements where they would like the ads viewed. Here is an introduction to placement targeting, including a few tips on how to use Google’s placement tool in your PPC campaign.

Give Your Site a Usability Once-over – Shopster

Usability refers to a site’s ease-of-use and navigation path. A site is said to have usability issues when shoppers must perform multiple clicks to make a purchase or when they just can’t find what they are looking for. Performing a usability once-over on your website may help you discover trouble areas and possibly improve shopper retention.

When Word-of-Mouth Turns Anti-Social – Bazaar blog

Negative reviews can cause some ecommerce retailers to be frozen in fear. Merchants often wonder if it is best to just ignore customers’ anti-social comments, or is there something they can do to recover from a blast of negative feedback? Find out what to do when word-of-mouth turns ugly.

Smartphone Proliferation Boosts Mobile Marketing – DirectNews

According to a recent study by the Mobile Marketing Association and Lightspeed Research, 45 percent of consumers “notice” mobile advertising, and 29 percent of those will respond to mobile ads. Increased interest in mobile marketing has consumers exchanging older phones for smartphones, and marketers are responding by launching more mobile ad campaigns.

eBay’s ‘Partial Refund’ Glitch – AuctionBytes

Ebay sellers that issue partial refunds for shipping fees are in danger of having their accounts suspended, according to this blogger. Apparently, a partial refund on shipping causes the sale to be flagged, and sends the transaction into a dispute with eBay’s Resolution Center. No matter that sellers are doing customers a favor; too many partial refunds can get a seller kicked out of the Top Rated Sellers Program or suspended altogether.

Facebook vs. Twitter, Which Is Best for Your Business? – Entrepreneur Daily Dose

Some Internet businesses exclusively use Facebook as their social marketing tool, others put all their social marketing eggs in the Twitter basket, and many use both. What are the differences between the two platforms, and what are the best uses for Twitter and Facebook as unique marketing tools?

The Worst Ways to Use Facebook in Business – HubSpot Blog

Sometimes, just knowing what you are doing wrong can help you get on the right track. Here is a list of the nine worst ways your business can put Facebook to work.

Overview: Google TV – TechCrunch

Software developer Logitech recently released a product called Logitech Revue that allows you to “watch what you want, wherever it comes from—the web or TV—on your HDTV.” Of course, developers have been wiring their PCs to TV screens for ages, but this is an all-new technology takes that integration to a whole new level.

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