January 2011 Top Ten: Our Most Popular Posts

Each month, we compile a list of the ten most popular articles we published at Practical eCommerce that month, based on the number of page views. Here are our ten most popular articles for January 2011.

4 Realities of Selling on Facebook

Facebook is becoming a popular avenue for online merchandising. This article focuses on the realities of selling on that platform. Social media expert Paul Chaney queried a number of ecommerce merchants and vendors for insight.

11 Credit Card Apps, Swipers for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry

Here is our handpicked list of the most highly rated and most downloaded credit card apps, for the most common mobile platforms.

Two Lessons that Groupon Can Teach Ecommerce Merchants

Group selling is one of the most powerful new trends in the retail and services industries. This article contains two timely lessons that Groupon can teach online marketers about engaging customers in the social media age.

Ten Great Ideas for January 2011

Each month we publish ten ecommerce tips submitted by readers and ecommerce industry insiders. January’s issue has tips for link building, analytics, web design,
SEO, mobile and more.

9 HTML Codes that Ecommerce Merchants Should Know

Web design novices and those who only dabble web design may appreciate this basic reference guide. It is a list of nine handy HTML codes and how to use them to enhance any website.

Mobile Compatibility: How to Test a Website for Mobile Browsers

Mobile browsers can make some websites look all wrong. This article explains how to use mobile browser compatibility-testing tools to see how your website looks and functions on various devices and browsers

Survey Results: 46 Percent Say Free Shipping Increases Profits

We surveyed readers over the holiday season to learn how free shipping was working for you. Read the results here.

7 Email-Marketing Tactics for 2011

Here email expert Carolyn Nye makes her predictions for email marketing for 2011. She highlights seven key tactics that businesses should be looking at in the coming months.

Google’s High-Speed Fiber Network Still Progressing

This piece is the first installment of a new monthly series on non-search Google activity. Here we discuss community testing of fiber-optic technology called Google’s Fiber Project.

Designing for the New Twitter Layout

Twitter recently made updates to its user layout. Here are some tips for making the best of Twitter’s new design parameters.

And One More

13 Little-Known Google Search Functions

This article actually went live on December 29 — a bit too early for the January list. But it received so many views in January 2011 it deserves a mention here.

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