March Top Ten: Our Most Popular Posts

It is always interesting to learn which of the Practical eCommerce posts are receiving the most reads each month. Here are the ten most popular articles in March 2010, based on the number of page views.

Ten Google Services to Help Your Ecommerce Business

Google offers a number of free tools and services for ecommerce merchants. Here, Internet marketing expert Michael Stearns outlines his top ten favorites and why he likes them.

Ten Great Ecommerce Ideas for March 2010

Practical Commerce taps into the business expertise of its readers and contributors each month and compiles ten helpful ecommerce tips. The March 2010 issue contains ideas about social marketing, comparison sites, improving SEO and conversions, and more.

Tutorial: Sources for Free Stock Photography, Icons

Here is a video tutorial that shows you where to find free stock photography and stock icons to improve your website’s appearance. Professional website designer Drew Coffin reviews his favorite sources for free photos and icons, and also talks about licensing issues.

Google Product Search: Creating a Data Feed

Online marketing consultant Bill Hartzer writes a monthly installment for Practical eCommerce about the latest and greatest Google products and services. In this article, Hartzer discusses Google’s product comparison service known as Product Search.

Cart of the Week: BigCommerce

We showcase a different online shopping cart each week, and the feature about BigCommerce generated a lot of reader interest. The company’s co-founder, Mitchell Harper, talks about the cart’s features and its prospects for future development. We also learn the views of an actual BigCommerce customer.

Five Web Design Concepts Ecommerce Merchants Need to Know

Our own Armando Roggio compiles a list of five important web design concepts that non-technical ecommerce merchants should understand. Learn about HTML tables, web standards, content management systems (CMS) and more.

Five Handy HTML Tags To Help Your Ecommerce Business

Learning a few HTML tags could save you a bundle on design fees. Here are five handy HTML tags that could help any online retailer make minor changes or even repairs to an ecommerce site.

The Metrics for Video Success

Video is a hot ecommerce marketing tool right now. This article shows how video can be used to help merchants measure conversion rates, cart abandonment rates, site traffic and view-through rates.

SEO Report Card: Combines WordPress, Magento

Search engine optimization expert Stephan Spencer reviewed’s SEO efforts. He conducts an in-depth inspection of its website that addresses keyword choices, URLs, title tags, page rank, content and much more, and concludes with an overall SEO grade.

Mobile Commerce: Four Good Examples

We offer four good examples of how mobile media is being used by retailers. The article discusses various features and design structures that could be emulated by smaller merchants to take advantage of the mobile boom.

One More Popular Post for Good Measure

Accessibility Review: is well known in the world of web accessibility for the disabled. The company lost an accessibility lawsuit in 2006, and was required to reconfigure its website to accommodate visually impaired shoppers. In this review, Joseph C. Dolson, a web accessibility expert, evaluates’s current site, and explains why there is still some room for improvement.

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