September 2010 Top Ten: Our Most Popular Posts

Each month, we compile a list of the ten most popular articles we published at Practical eCommerce that month, based on the number of page views. Here are our ten most popular articles for September 2010.

Google Instant Search: The Impact for Ecommerce Site Owners

In September, Google rolled out a new search platform called “Instant,” causing quite a stir in the Internet marketing community. Here, web marketing expert Michael Stearns weighs in on the expected impact of Google Instant for ecommerce merchants.

The PEC Review: Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft updated its Internet Explorer web browser to version 9 on September 15, promising to provide users with “a more beautiful web.” Web developer Armando Roggio compares the newest version to older versions, and explains some of the best features of IE9.

Social Media: 4 Steps to an Effective Marketing Strategy

Social media expert Paul Chaney says an effective social marketing strategy takes four elements: content, communication, conversation and conversion. He provides some practical advice on how to get those four “Cs” working for you.

Lessons Learned: Free Shipping Helps, Says Bike Retailer

We spoke with Todd Henley, president of online sporting goods store, Makai’s, to glean some ecommerce lessons. Henley talks candidly about his company’s successes as well as mistakes he has made along the way. Topics include shopping carts, credit card payments, email marketing, product sourcing, search marketing, and free shipping.

Ten Great Ecommerce Ideas for September 2010

Ten 50-word nuggets of ecommerce wisdom make a popular monthly column. The September 2010 issue of Great Ecommerce Ideas provides tips on how to improve conversion rates, appeal to coupon hunters, protect your brand reputation, provide product personalization, and more.

Google Instant: 9 Frequently Asked Questions

SEO expert, Stephan Spencer, addresses nine pressing questions e-tailers have about Google Instant. He also offers his personal opinion on the new Google search platform and concludes that it’s nothing to get stressed about.

Ten Must-Do Items This Holiday Season

With the retail holiday season in full swing, here are ten simple but effective must-do tips. Here is how to streamline your website and get holiday shoppers feeling good about clicking those “buy” buttons.

Google ‘Instant’ a Game Changer?

Here is another authority view on Google Instant, this time from SEO expert Jill Kocher. She discusses Instant’s expected benefits and impact on ecommerce, as well as what Instant will not impact.

Conversion Tip: Put Facebook ‘Like’ on Product Detail Pages

Ecommerce conversion expert Charles Nicholls writes a series of conversion tips for Practical eCommerce. In this segment, Nicholls talks about the benefit of adding Facebook’s “Like” button to your website’s product detail pages.

Selling on Facebook: 4 Common Issues

In this follow up to a recent Practical eCommerce webinar, we discuss the benefits of selling on Facebook. We tell you why online merchants should sell on Facebook, options for social commerce, why social commerce is not about selling, and the unique dynamics of selling on Facebook.

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