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Ten Inspiring Ecommerce Site Designs

Ten Inspiring Ecommerce Site Designs example image Creating a great (and successful) ecommerce site requires a mix of terrific products, strong marketing, informative content, and strong site aesthetics.

In this article, I have located ten ecommerce sites that offer inspiration for the site aesthetics portion of this mixture. Certainly, these sites also have great products, marketing, and content, but they tie these together with awesome site design.


Fred Perry

Fred Perry blends great photography, interesting navigation, and clever use of Flash to create a beautiful and effective ecommerce site. In particular, try hovering over one of the categories of “Latest” products. De Facto Design Ltd., a Nottingham, England-based firm designed the site, which I believe runs on Magento Commerce.


Screen capture from the Fred Perry site.

Von Dutch

Von Dutch sells ultra-chic t-shirts, jeans, hats, belts, watches, and more. The company has a very popular brand that is often associated with well-known musicians and actors, so it is presumably important that Von Dutch’s web store reflects its reputation. Los Angeles-based Ciplex designed this amazing site. osCommerce is the platform.


Section of the Von Dutch website.


Dainese is a maker of motorcycle gear with an awesome looking, Flash-based product section. The site, which is available in several languages, uses icons for much of its navigation. The site runs on Magento Commerce.


Screen capture from the Dainese website.

Under Armour

Under Armour is a premiere brand of athletic wear that is popular both at the amateur and professional levels. For its online store, Under Armour uses great graphics, Adobe Flash, and a thematic background image. Individual product pages offer lots of cross-selling opportunities and great content in a very attractive way. The site also makes extensive use of the jQuery library.


Image from the Under Armour website.

The Organic Supermarket

The Organic Supermarket site makes great use of image and motion to convey the company’s brand values without having to say a single word. I especially liked the way that the main homepage image communicated both consensus and community. Irish web design firm The Creative District designed the site.


Capture from the Organic Supermarket site.

Mia & Maggie

A purveyor of distinctive pet accessories, Mia & Maggie’s website has a beautiful and earthy color palette that features rich browns, a grassy green, and a deep sky blue. These colors and several simple graphics choices work together for a great looking site. Dive Creative did the site design. Impulsis Media Solutions handled development.


The Mia & Maggie site.


Despite a prehistoric sounding name, Stonetire is a very modern looking site that makes very good use of typography, color, and graphical elements to convey a mood. Individual product pages are very simple and clean. Design credit goes to Anderbose Web Design.


Screen capture of the Stonetire website.


Headplay’s website is essentially designed to promote one product. While the company does offer a few kits, these are all built around its heads up display for remote control aircraft. With its one product in clear view the site makes great use of an attractive homepage video. Pump Interactive did the design work.


From the Headplay website.


The recently redesigned ShoeGuru website includes beautiful and rich images, clean navigation, and simple product detail pages to treat the individual shoes and boots that the company sells like art. The company takes something like a woman’s slip-on shoe and makes it look like it seemingly belongs in a museum. 350 Designs provided the web design.


Detail from the Shoe Guru website.

Hello! Lucky

Offering stationery, greeting cards, wedding invitations and more Hello! Lucky uses fonts, graphics, and images that invoke thoughts of fine paper, art, and attention to detail. Individual product pages offer great content and several images in nicely flowing layout.


From the Hello! Lucky site.

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  1. Chris "Cartel" English July 14, 2009 Reply

    I’ve seen a similar list on other sites but I like the fact that you include the platform they were created with whenever possible.

  2. Massimo Arrigoni July 16, 2009 Reply

    Nice article. One thing that I briefly wanted to stress is the importance of product and category images. They really are the common denominator across different, nice-looking ecommerce Web sites.

    Just one practical example: no matter which platform is being used, if category thumbnails are dramatically different in size (especially height), the design of the category navigation pages will look messy and unprofessional. In this example, using the image batch processing feature in PhotoShop or Fireworks to get all images to be of the same height can be a quick way to solve the problem (don’t be intimidated: image batch processing features are very easy to use and can save you an immense amount of time).

    There are many other examples that can be made, but the point is that product and category images play a huge role in how the site comes across. The graphical interface that "wraps" around the catalog can only do so much.

    Merchants should really take extra time making sure that their product catalog uses images that look nice and are sized consistently.

    This is completely independent of the underlying ecommerce software. What the ecommerce software must provide is just a quick way to update all catalog images using a user-friendly import tool (most professional shopping cart systems do).

    • Paul Morris January 24, 2015 Reply

      You are correct! I am designing a site and this has been hard work as I built in magento! So fat I have managed to get to this point which looks clear and simple to follow – . I have had to buy a specific category app and re-design the css. Due to the fact that this is a health store for which it is likely to have some people buying vitamin d and some buying organic snacks and organic ingredients the customer base is going to be very diverse so the health categories need to flow easily!

  3. Jessica Guerro July 25, 2009 Reply

    Thank you for the inspiring websites and for tell us what tools were used when possible. I learned a lot about how I could set up my site and how to better design it.

  4. Peter August 17, 2009 Reply

    Thanks for this article, great to see such nice online shops, very inspiring. I’ll list the Magento shop in the Magento showcase at , hope that’s ok!

  5. Web Design Los Angeles October 21, 2010 Reply

    It is a good inspiration article. Thank You

  6. christine joseph October 28, 2010 Reply

    yahh guys, really these are some great ecommerce site designs which also inspired a little bit to create like this design.

  7. iPhone Application Development September 1, 2011 Reply

    It is really gives little bit idea about the designing and development of the website. It tells a lot about different products or services, marketing strategy and also content of the webpage. A designer of new website gets a quick and smart idea through this article. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Graphic Design Nottingham September 26, 2013 Reply

    This has got my creative juices flowing, thank you!