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6 AI Presentation Tools for Webinars, Promos, More

Artificial intelligence is changing our lives, automating many tedious tasks. For example, I’ve long struggled with creating PowerPoint and Keynote presentations. Now generative AI does the job for me.

Here are six tools to create presentations using AI. I use these for various tasks, including content formatting, sales pitches, webinars, staff training, and more.

6 AI Presentation Generators

Decktopus AI generates presentation decks based on a topic and requirements.

  • Start by clicking “Create with AI” and then type your topic. Mine was “Benefits of building a community.”
  • Next, choose your audience. I chose “Marketing professionals interested in building brand awareness and advocacy.”
  • Select the goal of your presentation. I picked “To inspire marketing professionals to take action and start building a community for their brand.”
  • Choose the presentation length. I picked 10 minutes.
  • Select the presentation style — minimal, dark, formal, or creative. I chose “creative.”

Allow the tool a few minutes to generate your slides. It will add videos, graphs, and text. You can edit or add slides, change the style, and add slide notes collaborators.

Decktopus AI starts at $9.99 per month. The first presentation is free.

Screenshot of proposed slides from Decktopus AI for "Benefits of building a community."

Click “Create with AI” and type your topic, such as “Benefits of building a community” in this example. Click image to enlarge. creates short presentations from data in minutes.

Type your topic, and the tool will generate the text script. You can edit or confirm as is. Then click “Generate slides.”

You can change the look and feel of presentations — e.g., fonts, color palette, theme — but not the contents unless you download it as a PowerPoint file to your local computer.

But downloading requires a Pro account, which starts at $18 per month and includes team collaboration and real-time editing.

Slides and text from StoryD for the topic "SEO."

Type your topic, and the tool will generate the text script for each slide. This example topic is “The benefits of SEO.” Click image to enlarge.

Plus AI is a free app to generate presentations with Google Slides. To use, grant Plus AI access to the slide and enter your topic — such as “The benefits of SEO” in my example. The tool will then produce an editable outline.

Confirm the outline, and Plus AI will generate your presentation, which you can edit using Google Slides, although in my testing the tool generated graphs with no obvious way to edit.

Nonetheless, the tool is helpful, especially since it’s free.

Screenshot of slides as generated by Plus AI for the topic, "The benefits of SEO."

Enter your topic, and Plus AI will generate an editable outline and, when approved, presentation slides. This example is for the topic “The benefits of SEO.” Click image to enlarge.

Gamma is an app for creating presentations, documents, and web pages. Enter a topic, review the auto-generated outline, and select a theme. The tool will generate the presentation in real time as you watch.

Gamma uses Bing search to find related images. However, I changed those to my own images due to copyright concerns. The tool exports only in PDF format, stating PowerPoint and Google Slides are coming soon.

The tool offers a free, limited plan. Paid plans start at $16 per month.

Screenshot of slides from Gamma for the topic "What is SEO?"

Enter a topic (“What is SEO?”), review the outline, and select a theme. Gamma will generate the presentation in real time. Click image to enlarge. focuses on creating sales presentations in various formats. Enter your company details, pick a template, and the tool will generate a promotional deck.

Motionit is handy for folks (like me) who grapple with effective promotional materials. I change only the images, not the auto-generated wording.

The tool offers a one-click export to Google Slides to edit and download to a PowerPoint. Motionit is free for now. Paid plans are coming.

Screenshot of a presentation from Motionit for the business "Viral Content Bee." focuses on creating sales presentations. This example is for Viral Content Bee, a social media tool. Click image to enlarge. is a paid presentation creator, AI-driven. Type your topic and choose a theme. The tool will create an editable presentation. It helpfully integrates with Google Sheets to import data for charts and graphs. There are templates for agendas, photo grids, tables, and more.

You can invite collaborators, access analytics, and share presentations via a public link.

The tool costs $12 a month, billed annually. A free 14-week free trial is available with a credit card.

Screenshot of a shart from with the heading "ROI of SEO Over Time."

Type your topic (“ROI of SEO”) and choose a theme. The tool will create an editable presentation that integrates with Google Sheets. Click image to enlarge.

A Weakness

None of the six tools cite data sources. I had to manually locate similar research, change the graphs and slides, and include those source citations on the slides.

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