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Search Console Integrations for Insights, Productivity

Google’s Search Console provides many insights to evaluate and improve organic rankings. I check Search Console daily for all sites I manage.

What follows are four go-to Search Console integrations to make the data easier to access and more informative.

Search Console Integrations

Search Console Summary, a free Google Chrome extension, allows quick viewing of performance data for any page, provided you can access the site’s Search Console account.

Install the extension and grant it reading permission to the Search Console account. Navigate to your page and click the extension to load the data, which includes:

  • Total clicks, impressions, average click-through rate, average page position, and the growth or decline rate for each metric.
  • Top-performing search queries and clicks, impressions, average position, and CTR for each. (Click the “Copy” icon in the top-right corner of this section to select and copy all search queries and their performance metrics.)

A drawback of the extension is that exiting the web page closes the report.

Performance stats in Search Console Summary extension.

Search Console Summary is a free Google Chrome extension allowing for quick viewing of performance data. Click image to enlarge.

SEO Testing is a paid tool to import Search Console data and overlay it with confirmed Google updates. The tool also offers a Google Chrome extension to access Search Console data from your browser. Load your page and click the extension to see the search queries driving traffic, with positions and clicks. The report shows data for 90 days with no option to change that period.

Performance stats report in

Load your page and click the SEO Testing extension to see the search queries driving traffic, with positions and clicks. Click image to enlarge.

The tool’s URL inspection feature provides a quick SEO health check.

SEO Testing report showing URL inspection feature.

SEO Testing’s “URL Inspection” feature provides a quick SEO health check. Click image to enlarge.

The single-site package costs $40 per month, with a free 14-day trial.

Search Analytics for Sheets is a freemium app that solves a key weakness of Search Console exports: not including the ranking URLs for each query. (Search Console allows exporting data directly to Google Sheets, including the search queries and average positions and their clicks for a set period — but not the ranking URLs.).

Search Analytics for Sheets solved this issue by providing an export of Search Console data that includes the search query and the URL.

Export in Google Sheets showing the URL for each query.

Search Analytics for Sheets provides an export of Search Console data that includes the query and the URL. Click image to enlarge.

To create an export:

  • Install the app,
  • Open a new Google Sheet,
  • Click “Extensions,”
  • Click “Search Analytics for Sheets,”
  • Click “Open sidebar,”
  • In the sidebar, select the date range and group by “Query” and “Page.”

The export filters are the same as in Search Console. They include limiting exports by any keyword in queries or URLs, excluding queries with a certain word (such as “free”), and showing only data for a certain country or device. You can add multiple filters.

Screenshot in Search Analytics for Sheets to export by group and assign a filter

Group by “Query” and “Page” and add a filter, such as “free” in the query. Click image to enlarge.

Additionally, the app can create automated backups of your data, such as monthly, each in a new tab. This is handy since Search Console saves data only for 16 months.

The app’s free plan allows for 25,000 spreadsheet rows per request, more than enough for most sites. It also allows unlimited requests for unlimited backups.

Sitechecker’s SEO dashboard. Sitechecker is a premium tool with a handy Search Console integration, which includes:

  • Filtering search queries and pages by ranking — e.g., 1, 2-3, 4-10.
  • Overlaying your performance graph with dates of confirmed Google updates.
  • Adding notes to turn stats into action.

The pricing for Sitechecker starts at $33 per month with Search Console integration for up to three sites.

Report of Search Console stats in SiteChecker's SEO dashboard.

Sitechecker’s SEO dashboard integrates with Search Console. Click image to enlarge.

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