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Jeremy Hanks

Jeremy Hanks

Jeremy Hanks is an entrepreneur who is passionate about the evolution of the supply chain in the age of ecommerce. He is co-founder and CEO of Dsco, a leading provider of distributed supply chain management software and solutions.

Before Dsco, he co-founded Doba, an ecommerce drop-shipping virtual distributor. Prior to that, he founded Gear Trade, a marketplace for used, closeout, and distressed inventory.

Jeremy is the co-author of eBay Inventory the Smart Way and Drop Shipping for Dummies, and has spoken at Internet Retailer,, Magento Imagine, Inc. 500 Conference,, and eBay Live.

He is also the founder of, a non-profit that focuses on monthly “barn raising” events for entrepreneurs in Utah, Las Vegas, and Hong Kong.

Connect with Jeremy at, @jeremyhanks, or