Charts: Trends in Technology, AI for 2022

A new report by McKinsey & Company, “Technology Trends Outlook 2022,” (PDF) focuses on the worldwide impact of advances in information technology, energy, and mobility.

The report includes results from a McKinsey online survey in June 2021 of 1,843 global participants representing “the full range of regions, industries, company sizes, and functional specialties.”

Artificial intelligence, according to McKinsey, automates, adds to, or enhances real-world commercial use cases. The adoption of AI technologies by businesses is among the leading technology trends.

The value of artificial intelligence, according to the report, consists mainly of improvements in operating profits — revenue increases and cost savings.

IndustryWeek is a U.S.-based trade publication addressing research and analysis on manufacturing and supply chain trends. IndustryWeek’s annual technology survey examines how manufacturers use digital technologies for transformation.

This year’s survey, conducted in April, received responses (PDF) from representatives of 204 U.S. manufacturers.

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