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Conversion Tip: Reduce Abandonment by Publishing Voucher Codes

Editor’s Note: We continue our “Conversion Tip” series from Charles Nicholls, the founder and chief strategy officer of SeeWhy, a conversion and abandonment-recovery firm. For this week’s installment, Nicholls addresses consumers who abandon shopping carts to search for coupon codes.

The widespread nature of discount voucher and coupon sites is encouraging visitors to abandon purchases to look for voucher codes. In response, Macy’s, for example, now publishes its own “special offer” site that lists Macy’s own voucher and coupon codes.

Online deals and promotions on Macy's website.

Online deals and promotions on Macy’s website.

By creating its own voucher site, called “Online Deals and Promotions,” Macy’s not only avoids the affiliate fees of aggregate coupon sites, but also keeps control of its own promotions. Macy’s has presumably found that any additional discounts that are given by its own “Online Deals and Promotions” will be offset by a reduction in affiliate fees or, in Macy’s case, a payment from the manufacturers.

What’s interesting is that 40 percent of Macy’s voucher-code-page visitors go on to convert and become customers. It’s effective because it recognizes that customer behavior has changed: If visitors are searching for coupons and vouchers online, why not keep them on the site and make it easy for them to complete their purchase as planned?


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