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Ecommerce Product Releases: January 22, 2024

Here is a list of new product releases and updates from companies offering services to ecommerce and omnichannel merchants. There are updates on generative AI, payment platforms, 3D product images, dropshipping, logistics, ad publishing, and creator management tools.

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Product Releases: January 22

Commercetools launch​​es Foundry to help B2C retailers unlock composability. Commercetools, a developer, has launched Foundry for B2C retailers, providing a quick solution for composable commerce, including “Blueprint for B2C Retail” (a step-by-step guidance), an AI-powered developer assistant, a store launchpad with frontend components, and a curated selection of services and best practice guides. Commercetools Foundry is now available for B2C retail brands and, in the coming months, for B2B wholesalers.

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Amazon adds generative AI shopping assistant. Amazon is rolling out an AI tool in its mobile app to answer shoppers’ product questions. The feature prompts users to ask questions about a product and then returns an answer within seconds, primarily by summarizing information from product reviews and listing text. Amazon’s new feature isn’t equipped to carry out a conversation but can respond to creative prompts.

GoDaddy Payments expands into Canada. GoDaddy has expanded Payments into Canada, enabling small businesses there to accept payments online and in person. GoDaddy Payments integrates with GoDaddy’s existing Websites + Marketing and Managed WordPress ecommerce solutions, helping small businesses sell anywhere and manage all transactions in one place. GoDaddy Payments includes new tools — Online Pay Links and Virtual Terminal — enabling businesses to sell online even if they do not have a website.

Dopple unveils app to provide Shopify stores with 3D shopping. Dopple, a 3D augmented reality platform, has launched an app for Shopify stores. Dopple’s integration with Shopify allows shoppers to incorporate 3D AR to configure and customize products in real time. Features include a snapshot for capturing images of the 3D visualizer, auto rotation to signal a product’s interactivity, and custom loading screens. Dopple’s platform integrates into Shopify product pages, email marketing, and more.

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Fabric, a commerce platform, launches built-in order management. Fabric has announced the availability of its order management system. Fabric OMS unlocks services such as dropship to streamline real-time inventory and order management. Fabric says its integrated commerce and OMS help merchants mitigate out-of-stocks, offload inventory with promotions and markdowns, reduce returns through improved catalog enrichment, and more.

Meta introduces Creator Management Tools. Meta has launched Creator Management Tools in its Business Suite to help agencies and creators manage their relationships on Facebook by connecting accounts and granting access to assets, optimizing the payout process, and linking payment accounts to specific monetization products. secures $70 million in debt refinancing from Silicon Valley Bank., a unified commerce and logistics provider, has secured a $70 million debt facility from Silicon Valley Bank. The latest facility is part of a larger $100 million debt refinancing provided by SVB’s Technology Corporate Banking Division and Trinity Capital.

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Logistics provider Flexport raises $260 million from Shopify. Digital-oriented freight forwarder Flexport has raised $260 million from Shopify. Founder and CEO Ryan Petersen announced via X that Shopify provided $260 million “on an uncapped convertible note.” The move comes after Flexport acquired Shopify’s logistics arm last year, expanding the company into ecommerce fulfillment and last-mile delivery. Shopify received a 13% equity stake in Flexport and a seat on the board as part of the deal.

Amazon Publisher Services integrates with Vidazoo by Perion. Perion, a platform connecting advertisers with consumers across major digital channels, has integrated its Vidazoo video monetization platform with Amazon Publisher Services via two features. Vidazoo’s Transparent Ad Marketplace attracts publishers, and Unified Ad Marketplace enables multiple publisher connections through a single integration and a reporting dashboard.

Tulip announces Pay, a payment integration powered by Stripe. Tulip, a retail customer engagement platform, has launched Pay for in-person retail transactions. Tulip Pay is a payment integration system powered by the Stripe financial infrastructure platform. Tulip clients can use Pay to close out a full range of transactions, including in-store, curbside, buy online pickup in-store, reserve online pickup in-store, and buy online return in-store.

TreviPay launches Universal Acceptance in partnership with Mastercard. TreviPay, a B2B payments and invoicing network, has launched its Universal Acceptance service in partnership with Mastercard to expand supplier access to TreviPay’s payments and invoicing technology. According to TreviPay, suppliers who accept Mastercard can extend net terms, trade-credit financing, and SKU-level invoicing to business buyers through Universal Acceptance using Mastercard’s commercial payment capabilities.

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