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275 Free, Responsive Email Templates

Whether you’re sending a newsletter, welcome message, product announcement, or holiday greetings, there are plenty of customizable email templates to match your brand and design on any device.

Here is a list of responsive email templates. There are single email templates, templates with multiple layout options, and large collections of email templates across a variety of themes. All of these email templates are free.

Campaign Monitor (80 templates)

Home page of Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor, the email marketing platform, provides a large selection of free customizable templates. Categories include Announcements, Newsletters, Deals & Offers, Feedback, Events, Holiday, Re-engagement, and Welcome. Campaign Monitor also offers a free template builder to create HTML email templates quickly with an easy drag-and-drop editor.

MailBakery (57 templates)

Home page of MailBakery Template Store

MailBakery Template Store

Here is a large collection of free, responsive HTML email templates from MailBakery, a template store. Templates categories include Business, E-Commerce, Food & Restaurants, Design & Photography, and Travel & Lifestyle. Use them for email newsletters, marketing campaigns, and more.

Litmus (6 templates)

Home page of Litmus

Litmus: Subscriber Love Email Template Pack.

From email marketing platform Litmus, here’s a set of “Subscriber Love” templates. The pack includes email templates for welcome, anniversary, birthday, feedback, re-engagement, and plain text.

Litmus Community (25 templates)

Home page of Litmus Community

Litmus Community

This is a collection of free HTML email templates from the Litmus Community, a place for designers and marketers to educate each other about everything email. There are multiple templates to launch a product, market and sell a product, and manage accounts.

Dyspatch: Free Open Source HTML Email Templates (16 templates)

Home page of Dyspatch


The Dyspatch Open Source Template Project is a collection of free email templates created and managed by the Dyspatch team and community. All of the templates are open-source. Add to them, edit them, or change them in any way.

Zurb (11 templates)

Home page of Zurb

Zurb: Foundation For Emails

Here is a set of free email templates from Zurb. Each is a single HTML email using Zurb’s Foundation framework. Preview them and inspect the code to see how they were implemented, or download and make changes. See screenshots of how each template looks on different email clients by viewing the tests.

MailChimp Email Blueprints

Home page of MailChimp Email Blueprints

MailChimp Email Blueprints

Email Blueprints is a collection of HTML templates as a starting point for email design. It includes template language elements to customize when imported into a MailChimp account, as well as merge tags to generate dynamic content when sent through MailChimp. If you’re not a MailChimp user, strip out merge tags and use the templates for any provider.

Themezy (16 templates)

Home page of Themezy


Here is a collection of free email themes from Themezy, a marketplace for designers to share free website templates. There are general and industry-themed newsletters and layouts to customize. All of the resources are free to download and free to use in your projects.

Cakemail (56 templates)

Home page of Cakemail


This is a free email collection from Cakemail, an email marketing platform for businesses to spark, nurture, and measure customer interactions. This collection features emails for transactions, special events, seasonal activities, industries, and more.

Cerberus (3 templates)

Home page of Cerberus


Cerberus is a small collection of layout patterns for HTML email. It features Fluid, Responsive, and Hybrid designs. The code is meant to be edited, adapted, and built upon.


Home page of BEE


BEE (“Best Email Editor”) is a drag-and-drop email builder to create responsive emails quickly. Choose a template with industry and usage filters, add your content, download the HTML email, and use it anywhere.


Home page of Mosaico


Mosaico is an open-source editor that lets you create responsive email templates with an easy drag-and-drop interface. Choose from two templates to start: Versafix-1 or Versafluid.

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