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On-site Lifestyle Videos Enhance a Brand

Video is one of the best digital marketing tools, but its power goes beyond TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram Reels. Video on-site can demonstrate a product, raise the value perception of a brand, and build trust with an audience.

On-site Lifestyle Videos

Many companies are embracing embedded lifestyle videos, which provide a glimpse into the brand’s mission and speak to target demographics.

Lifestyle videos usually show natural scenes, not promotional footage or graphics. Most do not have sound. Typically, they autoplay on a loop with a text overlay that completes the message. These videos are generally short — 15 to 60 seconds — with no audio or video controls.

Here are five examples of lifestyle videos for ecommerce.

Raise value. Miansai, a jewelry store, uses a lifestyle video mid-page to highlight its products in a sophisticated manner, raising the brand’s value perception.

Screenshot from the Miansai home page.


Segment an audience. The apparel store Paka introduces a lifestyle video at the beginning of its home page to segment its audience by speaking to individuals with a shared passion for nature and quality clothing.

Screenshot from the Paka home page.


Position product. Smalls, a seller of “healthy” cat food, uses video beautifully to speak to feline owners looking for fresh food for their pets.

Screenshot from the Smalls home page.


Demonstrate product. Truff, a gourmet food and accessories store, utilizes a thin mid-page video to demonstrate how to use its products, with recipes.

Screenshot from the Truff home page.


Support a cause. Dryrobe is a Certified B Corporation selling hooded robes for sports lovers exposed to the elements. The brand utilizes a background video on its home page to support an “inclusive, equitable, regenerative economy” and align with like-minded consumers.

Screenshot from the Dryrobe home page.


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