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Social Media Platform Updates for November 2022

Here is a list of notable feature updates in November from leading social media platforms — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat, and WhatsApp.


The confusion surrounding a paid form of Twitter verification has dominated social media news. Twitter launched Blue, a paid subscription service, for instant verification and early access to new features. Twitter previously restricted Blue to prominent accounts.

However, opening up verification to anyone with a credit card led to a flurry of fake users. Twitter then pulled Blue just days after the launch. Elon Musk has tweeted that a more robust version will return soon.

Screenshot of Twitter Blue.

Twitter Blue


Instagram has added native scheduling for Reels. This tool allows scheduling for up to 75 days. To access this feature, create your Reel, select advanced settings, and then choose “Schedule this post” to select the time and date. Navigate back to your post and tap “Schedule” to confirm. (Scheduling is also available for carousels and photos.)

In addition, Instagram launched a facility to add music to still photos.


The Meta team launched a feature for groups that allow members to select themselves as moderators. Luckily this feature requires activation by a group admin.


BeReal is a new social media platform for users to post authentic (unfiltered) photos of themselves. It has surged in popularity. TikTok has responded, adopting similar in-moment functionality called “Now.” The feature prompts users to share a 10-second snippet of their day.

TikTok also launched Academy, a virtual education resource with free video courses to help marketers use the platform.

Screenshot of TikTok Now

TikTok Now


A recent YouTube launch has increased the engagement options for channel admins, with a broader variety of templated Smart Replies to respond to comments, with more translation options.

Additionally, YouTube now allows channels to select a unique “Handles” identifier, making the channels more visible. If you haven’t chosen a handle, YouTube may have automatically assigned one, which can be updated.


Snapchat’s latest updates include an integration with Strava (an exercise tracking service) to share fitness activity, a virtual try-on partnership with Amazon, and product tagging integration with BigCommerce.


WhatsApp is rolling out Communities, a feature to connect and manage multiple groups under one umbrella. Members of Communities can switch between chats, and admins can share updates — including chat polls and large files — with everyone and delete messages.

WhatsApp has also announced a new search functionality to help users find and message businesses — available in Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Colombia, and the U.K.

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