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10 Tools for ChatGPT Prompt Ideas

ChatGPT is only as good as the prompt. In my experience, it is not so much about creating a detailed prompt as knowing what to ask. It’s not as easy as it would seem. I tend to use the same prompts repeatedly instead of brainstorming something new.

Here’s a rundown of searchable databases, communities, and tools to discover new prompts.

Sources for ChatGPT Prompts

FlowGPT is an active community that shares, votes, and comments on prompts. Members can search the database or browse by category. Members can test a prompt by starting a chat directly from the FlowGPT site.

For example, I found an excellent “Instagram Caption Generator” prompt showing how to promote a product — e.g., “adjustable iPhone case with signature design pattern” — on Instagram. Enter your keyword or product description in the prompt, and ChatGPT will respond.

Screenshot of Instagram Caption Generator prompt reading, "I want you to develop 5 engaging Instagram caption for a post featuring adjustable iPhone case with signature design pattern."

This “Instagram Caption Generator” prompt helps promote a product on Instagram. Click image to enlarge.

Ordinary Prompts for Ordinary People is a community of prompt sharers. Anyone can submit prompts and vote on others. The site includes a search feature, but I typically check the most voted prompts. Subscribe to get new weekly prompts via email.

ChatGPT Prompts for Your Next Launch is a free Google Doc with a list of prompts for a new product or service.

SaaS Prompts is a searchable database of ChatGPT prompts for software-as-a-service companies. Categories are Product Launch, Social Media, Fundraising, Product Management, B2B Sales, Customer Support, Copywriting, Web Development, and UX Research. offers a free collection of prompts organized by category or by a form that filters for the target audience, niche, goals, and more. Using the tool requires only an email address. Copy any of the suggested prompts and run it on ChatGPT.

Cohesive is an editor and enhancer with templates to create detailed prompts. Add details such as the target audience, links, and keywords. Cohesive helps improve a prompt by suggesting tips and follow-up questions. You can also select part of the response and follow up on it.

The tool also connects you to other AI tools to generate images for your content or create an audio version.

Screenshot requesting a prompt that reads: "Write a TikTok video script about "fashion sense."

Cohesive helps improve a prompt by suggesting tips and follow-up questions. This example is for a prompt generating a TikTok video script. Click image to enlarge.

Trickle is an AI-driven workspace with a prompt collaboration feature. Select one of Trickle’s suggested prompts by hovering over it and clicking “Edit” to tailor it to your needs. Then type “@Trickle AI” in the chat box and click send.

Screenshot in Trickle requesting a prompt for sustainable living.

Select one of Trickle’s suggested prompts. Then type “@Trickle AI” in the chat box and click send. Click image to enlarge.

Invite collaborators to ask follow-up questions and suggest edits to your prompt. Trickle is a very helpful tool for collaborative brainstorming empowered by AI. The tool, including collaboration, is free for up to 300 threads a month.

Snack Prompt is a library to copy and edit any prompt to use on ChatGPT quickly.

Prompt Perfect is a free plugin for ChatGPT Plus account holders. Once installed, use the plugin in two ways:

  • Type “perfect” at the beginning of a prompt, and the plugin will automatically refine it.
  • Run a prompt on ChatGPT. The plugin will automatically detect and suggest refinements.

Promptify generates prompt ideas automatically using AI. No account is required. The tool has helped me with content ideas.

Start with a keyword. I entered “Christmas ornaments,” and Promptify suggested content topics and suggested unique ornament gift ideas and messages for various countries.

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