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12 Tools for Generating Hashtags

Hashtags attach to social media content to enhance discoverability and promote engagement. Hashtag generators can help identify the best options for each post or topic, manage campaigns, and measure results.

Here is a list of hashtag generators to grow your reach on social media. The tools are primarily intended for Instagram but apply to TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest, and more. Nearly all of these generators are free, though most have premium plans or are part of larger social media management platforms.

Tools to Generate Hashtags

CopyAI offers a hashtag generator and a suite of free generative copywriting tools, including generators for captions, marketing emails, product descriptions, outlines, and content ideas. The hashtag generator analyzes a photo and captions to suggest relevant options for your target audience, considering the niche, keywords, and competitors. Generate up to 50 hashtags at a time. Pricing: Free. Premium plans start at $36 per month.

Web page of's Instagram Hashtag Generator’s Instagram Hashtag Generator

Flick is a social media marketing platform with tools for copywriting, scheduling, and analytics. Plan posts on Instagram (and Facebook, TikTok, and LinkedIn) with a drag-and-drop calendar. Then preview your feed and access the best hashtags. Use the hashtag search (in 40 languages) to get 40 suggestions for every query. Filter using key hashtag metrics. Pricing: Free trial for seven days. Paid plans start at £11 per month (roughly $14).

All Hashtag contains multiple campaign tools. Use the hashtag generator to obtain top, random, and live options. See which hashtags are the most popular. Use the tools to create, count, and analyze hashtags for your marketing strategy. Pricing: Free.

RiteTag generates hashtags instantly from text and photos. Get hashtags for recent posts from any Instagram account or, with the Toolkit app, hashtags for text and images to use anywhere. Research and save your hashtags as updatable sets. Integrates with all Instagram desktop tools, including the Facebook Creator Studio. Pricing: Plans start at $49 per year.

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Tailwind is a marketing platform for Instagram and Pinterest with a suite of tools for post creation, scheduling, and analysis. With the hashtag generator, identify hashtags for your caption with color-coded tag options, calibrating your hashtag choices for optimal results. Tailwind offers browser extensions and mobile apps. Pricing: Free. Premium plans start at $14.99 per month.

Influencer Marketing Hub provides free hashtag generators for Instagram posts or TikTok videos as well as other free tools to manage social media. Paste a post link into the Instagram hashtag generator and copy the relevant hashtags. Pricing: Free.

Display Purposes is a marketing tool that scans your Instagram profile to suggest content. Identify and analyze the most effective hashtags with competition score and potential reach metrics. Ensure your hashtags are safe with the banned hashtag checker. Monitor hashtag performance over time. Use Collections to save and curate hashtag research results and access your lists whenever needed. Pricing: Freemium for seven days. Plans start at $6 per month.

Inflact offers a free AI-based Instagram hashtag generator that analyzes photos, keywords, or links and then generates hashtags. Enter keywords, upload a photo, or paste the post link. The finder tool sorts hashtags by difficulty and popularity. Save results as templates and copy them directly into posts. Pricing: Free. Premium plans start at $54 per month.

Web page of Inflact's Hashtag Generator for Instagram

Inflact’s Hashtag Generator for Instagram

Sistrix has a hashtag generator and a suite of free generative content and performance testing tools, including page speed and SEO analysis. Per Sistrix, the hashtag tool is based on 15 billion combinations, contains data on more than 7.7 million options, and is updated regularly. Run up to 25 queries a day before having to register. Pricing: Free.

TagsFinder is a free hashtag tool. Enter keywords and generate top and related hashtags as well as combinations. Find up to 30 hashtags per keyword selection. Get the most-used local hashtags in your city or region. Pricing: Free.

Toolzu has a hashtag generator for Instagram, TikTok, and other social channels with filters for categories, trending, and high-convertible, showing the difficulty and volume of related content. Pricing: Freemium for seven days. Plans start at $9 per month.

HashtagsForLikes has an easy-to-use hashtag generator. To start, enter a hashtag or analyze your profile. The premium service provides access to the top trending hashtags, live analytics, scoring, management features, performance reports, and more. With its curate feature, create test groups and save hashtag sets. Pricing: Free. Premium plans start at $59 per month.

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