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Best Content Types for ChatGPT

Generative AI tools such as ChatGPT cannot create expertise- or experience-driven content, such as this post.

But it can help with other content types. Here are nine of them.

Best Content for ChatGPT

Syndicated content

ChatGPT can repurpose content for platforms such as Medium or Substack. Paste an original article into ChatGPT and prompt it to use the data and key points to create a new version. It will still reflect the author’s expertise and opinions, only restated.

Medium home page

ChatGPT can repurpose original articles for syndication, such as on Medium.

Press releases

Press releases typically restate the benefits of a service, product, or event. I used to outsource press-release composition, but the process was time-consuming, requiring much back-and-forth dialog. Now I paste the details into ChatGPT. It usually produces a well-written release instantly.

About pages

About and biographical pages provide critical info about a company and its staff. Provide info such as dates, mission, experience, education, and awards, and ChatGPT can generate helpful descriptions of the company and team members. Be careful, though. ChatGPT can exaggerate or misstate facts. A human review is essential.


Writing a glossary is mundane and time-consuming. ChatGPT can produce it quickly from a list of terms. It can even suggest missing terms if asked.

Video and audio scripts

I often tweak my articles into scripts for podcasts, videos, or both. That task used to take an hour or more. Now I paste the text into ChatGPT and prompt it to produce a script. The tool doesn’t need an entire article for that purpose, but I prefer starting with my own content to reflect my manner of communicating.


Paste data from customers or colleagues into ChatGPT and ask it to generate a whitepaper. Use follow-up prompts to receive takeaways for the landing page promoting the paper.


Writing text for newsletters is time-consuming, even if you know what to include. Now I paste article titles and body copy into ChatGPT and ask it to massage and format it into a newsletter.


Article comments, Q&A dialog, social media threads, and customer service discussions are often terrific components for lists and digests.

Paste the content into ChatGPT and prompt it to summarize, organize, and provide takeaways or critical points. Similarly, paste interview transcripts into ChatGPT and request a summary, including a maximum word count if necessary.

Social media posts and captions

Writing original social-media posts to promote an article takes time. Now I paste that article into ChatGPT and prompt it to create posts for Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook. The tool is smart enough to include hashtags and emojis where it makes sense.

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