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12 New Ecommerce Books for Spring 2023

Here’s a batch of new ecommerce books for spring. There are titles on brand development, B2B commerce, social enterprises, storytelling, influencer partnerships, startup design, and AI marketing.

I compiled this list using From Amazon’s “Books” category, I selected “Business & Money.” From there I chose the “Processes & Infrastructure” sub-category and selected “E-commerce.” Then I handpicked titles from that group based on customer ratings and relation to ecommerce. I also selected a few titles from the “Business Development & Entrepreneurship” sub-category.

New Ecommerce Books

E-Commerce Growth Strategy: A Brand-driven Approach to Attract Shoppers, Build Community and Retain Customers by Kunle Campbell

Cover of E-Commerce Growth Strategy

E-Commerce Growth Strategy

“E-Commerce Growth Strategy” provides tools and metrics to help online merchants connect with a wider audience of shoppers and create lasting brand experiences. Learn how to attract and retain customers and build your community through social media. Discover how to forge fruitful partnerships with influencers and tap paid media to maximize your reach. Campbell is the resident ecommerce expert at Facebook’s Local News Subscriptions Accelerator Workshop and a former Practical Ecommerce contributor. Hardcover $105.00; Paperback $29.99; Kindle $29.99.

Swipe Up for More!: Inside the Unfiltered Lives of Influencers by Stephanie McNeal

Cover of Swipe Up For More!

Swipe Up for More!

“Swipe Up for More!” provides a behind-the-scenes look at the work and lives of three influencers: fashion guru Caitlin Covington of Southern Curls and Pearls, runner and advocate Mirna Valerio, and “mommy blogger” Shannon Bird. Follow along as they build their businesses, deal with haters, and fight for distribution while maintaining appearances. Hardcover $29.00; Kindle $15.99.

Transforming the B2B Buyer Journey: Increase Leads, Maximize Conversion Rates and Build Loyalty by Antonia Wade

Cover of Transforming the B2B Buyer Journey

Transforming the B2B Buyer Journey

“Transforming the B2B Buyer Journey” shows how to revamp your B2B buyer’s journey. Get a step-by-step guide to redesign your model by aligning channels, metrics, and tactics to the needs of the buyer at each stage of the journey, from nurturing the initial lead to maintaining long-established client relationships. Learn how to implement account-based marketing and establish and measure key metrics successfully. Hardcover $119.70; Paperback $41.99; Kindle $37.99.

Radical Business: The Root of Your Work and How It Can Change the World by David Gaines

Cover of Radical Business

Radical Business

“Radical Business” helps companies return to their origins and purpose to form social enterprises while improving profitability. Explore case studies and get real-world business insights from successful businesses that have made a positive impact using the golden rule as a catalyst for change. Explore sustainability and green thinking to drive your independent team and successful brand. Hardcover $24.95; Kindle $10.99.

Leading through Disruption: A Changemaker’s Guide to Twenty-First Century Leadership by Andrew Liveris

Cover of Leading through Disruption

Leading through Disruption

By Andrew Liveris, former chairman and CEO of The Dow Chemical Company, “Leading Through Disruption” provides tools for any company to tackle problems quickly and responsively, with an eye to creating a more equitable, sustainable future. Learn to use metrics to quantify your business’s positive impact on society. Broaden your company’s focus to include long-term sustainability and short-term profitability without sacrificing the former to gain the latter. Hardcover $27.99; Kindle $16.99.

Purposeful Brands: How Purpose and Sustainability Drive Brand Value and Positive Change by Sandy Skees

Cover of Purposeful Brands

Purposeful Brands

“Purposeful Brands” is a guide to help define and communicate a brand’s purpose. Learn to create alignment across a company to reflect what action is required to support its values, including sustainability initiatives. Discover how to unlock energy by fostering innovation and creativity, using storytelling and data to communicate with consumers. Hardcover $84.00; Paperback $29.99; Kindle $29.99.

The Agile Brand Guide to AI & Marketing: Generative AI, Next Best Action, Task Automation, and Beyond for Marketers by Greg Kihlstrom

Cover of The Agile Brand Guide to AI & Marketing

The Agile Brand Guide to AI & Marketing

“The Agile Brand Guide to AI & Marketing” explores how companies can be successful by utilizing artificial intelligence through planning, implementation, and optimization. In this fourth book in the Agile Brand Guides series, discover the current uses of AI and machine learning in marketing. Get insights and ideas for beginning and seasoned leaders. Kindle $7.99.

Stories That Stick: How Storytelling Can Captivate Customers, Influence Audiences, and Transform Your Business by Kindra Hall

Cover of Stories That Stick

Stories That Stick

“Stories That Stick” explores the most compelling storytelling strategies to control your own narrative. Review four unique stories to differentiate, captivate, and elevate the tale of your brand — the value story, the founder story, the purpose story, and the customer story. Get actionable steps to find, craft, and leverage the stories you already have and aren’t telling. Hardcover $14.32; Paperback $16.60.

Web3 Marketing: A Handbook for the Next Internet Revolution by Amanda Cassatt

Cover of Web3 Marketing

Web3 Marketing

“Web3 Marketing” is a guide to understanding the next level of the internet. A revolution is taking place for products, services, and applications in which ownership and control belong to creators, builders, and users rather than a few huge tech companies. Explore the history and changing landscape of Web3, including new marketing, brand-building strategies, and how to build a Web3 community. Hardcover $28.00.

A Design-Driven Guide for Entrepreneurs: Strategies for Starting up in a Multiverse by Rhea Alexander, Rose Pember, Kiely Sweatt, Joseph Press

Cover of A Design-Driven Guide for Entrepreneurs

A Design-Driven Guide for Entrepreneurs

“A Design-Driven Guide for Entrepreneurs” models strategic design as a mindset for starting up. Written by a multidisciplinary team of practicing design strategists, it includes case studies of impact-driven entrepreneurs and action-based frameworks, diagrams, and templates for founders to replicate, along with a checklist to enable the transformation of daily practice. Hardcover $160.00; Paperback $39.95.

Secrets of Next-Level Entrepreneurs: 11 Powerful Lessons to Thrive in Business and Lead a Balanced Life by Alex Brueckmann

Cover of Secrets of Next-Level Entrepreneurs

Secrets of Next-Level Entrepreneurs

“Secrets of Next Level Entrepreneurs” shows how to grow a profitable business while maintaining a healthy and fulfilling life. Learn to run your company while also contributing to and improving the world we all live in. Get actionable advice, including how to implement environmentally and socially sustainable practices to build high-performance workplace cultures and set optimal pricing strategies in environments of high inflation. Hardcover $28.00; Kindle $17.00.

How to Grow Your Small Business: A 6-Step Plan to Help Your Business Take Off by Donald Miller

Cover of How to Grow Your Small Business

How to Grow Your Small Business

“How to Grow Your Small Business” presents a six-step plan to produce dependable, predictable results, so you can stop drowning in the details and spend more time doing what you love. Author of “Building a StoryBrand” and host of the “Business Made Simple” podcast, Donald Miller provides a proven framework for optimizing your business’s leadership, marketing, sales, products, overhead, operations, and cash flow. Hardcover $24.29; Kindle $12.99.

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