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13 Mobile Apps to Manage your Team

Mobile apps can provide powerful tools to organize, collaborate, and communicate with your small business team, whether it’s freelancers on occasional projects or your inner circle’s day-to-day operations.

Here is a list of apps to manage your team. There are project management apps, collaborative to-do lists, group messaging tools, cloud storage platforms, and video conferencing apps. All of the mobile apps are free, though several offer premium plans.

Team Management Apps

Producteev. This is the mobile app for Producteev, a task and project management solution. Collaborate on any number of projects, create and assign tasks, set deadlines, and reminders. Get notified by email or push notifications on all your devices when a task is due, or when something important is happening in your projects. Available for Android and iOS. Price: Free.

Producteev app


Wunderlist. Wunderlist is a collaborative to-do list app to share and manage group tasks. Wunderlist features recurring to-dos, subtasks, due dates, conversations, reminders, and notifications. Turn emails into actions simply by forwarding them. Wunderlist syncs across all of your devices to keep you on top of your tasks. Available for Android and iOS. Price: Mobile app is free. Wunderlist is free; Pro version is $4.99 per month.

Wunderlist app


Trello. This is the mobile app for Trello, a collaborative tool to organize projects. Create boards to organize anything you’re working on. Use them solo, or invite your team to work together. Write your ideas down on Trello cards and arrange them in lists on your boards. Add details to your cards such as to-do checklists, comments, video, and project details. Available for Android and iOS. Price: Mobile app is free. Trello is free. Premium version is $5 per month, or get it free by inviting new members.

Trello app.


SyncSpace. SyncSpace provides a zoomable drawing space that can be shared in real-time. Turn on synchronization and send a document link to others who will be able to see your drawing and also make changes. It’s an ideal whiteboard for a disbursed mobile team. Available for Android and iOS. Price: Free version for up to three drawings. Pro version is $9.99.

SyncSpace app


GroupMe. GroupMe is a group messaging tool to chat with your team. Start a group with the people already in your contacts. When you have a poor connection, the app will let you receive messages via SMS, so you’ll never miss a message. Share the group with people you want to join with a simple URL. Post images inline, attach your location, send private messages, and more. Available for Android and iOS. Price: Free.

GroupMe app


Podio. This is the mobile app for Podio, a platform to manage and collaborate on projects. Podio workspaces are structured by the hundreds of free Podio Apps to provide the right collaborative tools for each project. Organize and track your projects, communicate with team activity streams, and get the overview to see if you’re making progress. Available for Android and iOS. Price: Mobile app is free. Podio is free up to 5 accounts; $9 per user/month.

Podio app


Dropbox. Dropbox is a cloud-storage solution to protect your work and let your team access it from any computer, phone, or tablet. Add or remove members, pay bills, and generate reports. Get visibility into what’s happening in your account and what’s being shared. Control permissions to shared folders and links, and restrict members from sharing outside your team. Available for Android and iOS. Price: Mobile app is free. Dropbox is free up to 2 GB. Pro is $9.99 a month per user. Business plan is $15 a month per user.

Dropbox app


Fuze Meeting. Here is the mobile app for FuzeBox, a video and audio conferencing and content sharing platform. Host and manage online meetings with up to 12 high-definition video streams, a screen-sharing tool, and the ability to share and annotate directly on content from the Fuze content library. Use in-meeting chat and integrated IM to communicate during your meeting. Available for Android and iOS. Price: Mobile app is free. Free account includes unlimited VOIP calling, 12 HD video feeds and 25 participants. Pro plan starts at $8 per moth for meetings and webinars up to 125 participants.

Fuze Meeting app

Fuze Meeting.

Facebook Messenger. This app is Facebook’s text-messaging solution. If your team members are Facebook fans, this could be a good solution for communicating with each other on the go. You can send images, chat while using other apps, text non-Facebook contacts, record voice messages, share locations, and know when people have seen your messages. Available for Android and iOS. Price: Free.

Facebook Messenger app

Facebook Messenger.

Google+. Create a Google Circle of your team and share ideas on the go. Turn on Location Sharing and share your pinpoint location with your team. View the Nearby stream to locate team members and see what they are saying. Available for Android and iOS. Price: Free.

Google Plus app


Redbooth. This is the mobile app for Redbooth, a collaboration platform for task management, file sharing, and communication. Redbooth helps your team get tasks out of email, providing a single place to collaborate and get work done. Instantly see progress and milestones with a workload view, milestone calendar, and streamlined charting. Integrates with Google Drive, Gmail, Dropbox, Box, Microsoft Outlook, and more. Available for Android and iOS. Price: Mobile app is free. Redbooth is free up to 5 users. Pro plan is $5 per user/month.

Redbooth app


Asana. This is the mobile app for Asana, a platform for teams to get things done. Easily create, assign, and comment on tasks, so you always know what’s getting done and who’s doing it. Stay up-to-date with the mobile Inbox, push notifications, and badges. Assign and manage tasks on the go. Changes made in the app sync in real-time. Available for Android and iOS. Price: Mobile app is free. Asana is free for teams of up to 15 members. Premium plans start at $50 per month.

Asana app


Hangouts. Hangouts is Google’s conversations solution. Turn one-on-one or group conversations into live face-to-face video calls with up to 10 people at once. Chat face-to-face, even when you’re on the go, all for free. Your team members receive video call invitations no matter what device they’re using at the moment. Enhance conversations with photos, emoji, and animated GIFs. Add more people to ongoing video calls right from a mobile device. Available for Android and iOS. Price: Free.

Hangouts app


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