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14 Tools for Feedback on Web Design, Usability

When launching an online business, be sure to test and improve your design through feedback. Get expert opinions from fellow entrepreneurs and web designers, and test your site’s usability with a sample group of users.

Here is a list of tools for design and user experience feedback. There are usability testing tools, websites that provide feedback from experts, design feedback exchanges, tools to recruit sample users, and a collaborative app for sharing design feedback.

Concept Feedback

Concept Feedback website

Concept Feedback.

Concept Feedback is a site to get expert analysis from experienced design, usability, and strategy professionals. Post a website, landing page, mockup, wireframe, application, or interface. Concept Feedback also hosts a community of more than thirty thousand designers, developers, marketers, and entrepreneurs. Post your project to the free community site after you’ve helped five other members. Price: $99 per expert. Concept Feedback community is free.


Verify website


Verify is a tool to collect and analyze user feedback on screens or mockups via design surveys. Submit your designs using eight different methods, including yes/no test, multi-click test, memory test, mood test, preference test, and more. Share your test with a unique link, and view results in real-time. If you don’t have anyone to test your product, just select your audience from our pool of testers. View and sort results in real-time by location, raw data, summary, and demographics. Price: Plans start at $19 per month.


UsabilityHub website


UsabilityHub lets you learn how visitors interact with your designs and mockups before launching. Upload an image, and choose the type of test you’d like to run: Five Second Test, Click Test, or Nav Flow Test. You can specify how many people to test, or even bring your own testers. Get a breakdown of the interactions each tester had with your design. Price: Plans start at $20 per month. Or access the free community plan — take tests to earn responses.

Feedback Army

Feedback Army website

Feedback Army.

Feedback Army is a quick and easy way to conduct usability testing on your website. Start a usability test, submit questions about your site, and receive 10 responses from reviewers. Feedback Army’s reviewers comes from Amazon’s Mechanical Turk site. Price: $40 for 10 responses.


Userlytics website


Userlytics is a testing tool to get user input on your concepts, websites, applications, prototypes, and campaigns. Participants can conduct the testing from any location and any time, in real-time. Or list the target respondent profile and the tasks and activities to be performed, then let Userlytics take care of the rest. Price: Starts at $49 per respondent.


UserTesting website


UserTesting is a user research platform that gives you access to a large panel of users. Create your test with one of the customizable templates. Select participants — specifying demographics for your target audience. Get video of users while they perform your specified tasks on your website or app, so you can see and hear where they get confused and frustrated. Find and fix your site’s problems, then run A/B tests to measure improvements. Test any site, even a competitor’s. Price: Starts at $49 per respondent.


TryMyUI website


TryMyUI is another tool to watch people using your website to find out what they’re thinking. List the tasks you want users to perform on your site, how many users you want, and their demographic profile. Within hours, get the results with narrated video, and written answers to your questions. Price: Starts at $35 per test.


Attensee website


Attensee is a site testing tool to assess your layout in terms of design goals completion. Pre-test design variations and find the best version. Type the URL of your website and upload a screenshot or mockup. Use predefined task instructions and survey questions. Use Attensee respondents or recruit your own. Analyze the results with heatmaps for attention and time, path of attention, path of engagement, design effectiveness score, and more. Price: Starts at $29 per month.


UsabilityTools website


UsabilityTools is platform to test user experience and customer conversions. With the user experience tools, engage the audience in real-time to verify design assumptions and test new ideas. Find out more about the first impressions on your content, create scenario-based tests, and benchmark your website against competition. Turn data into information with customizable charts for your team. Hire the respondents or recruit them yourself by sending a link or inserting a pop-up on your website. Price: Contact on pricing.


Ethnio website


Ethnio is a tool to help you recruit participants to test your website design. Create a screener to place on your site or social media page. Once users fill it out, contact them or send them to a third-party testing tool. Ethnio features automatic scheduling and sync with Google Calendar. After each session is complete, Ethnio can automatically pay participants with Amazon gift cards. Price: Plans start at $49 per month.


Usabilla website


Usabilla is a platform for live conversion testing and visual feedback on your website. Its Usabilla Survey is an online tool for automated remote user testing and visual surveys to get feedback from the very beginning of your project. Test wireframes, mockups, or any other visual, at any stage of the design process. Integrate usability tests in your daily workflow and improve your design with feedback. Price: Plans start at $49 per month.

Red Pen

Red Pen website

Red Pen.

Red Pen is a helpful tool to get and give feedback on design. Point and click to give feedback. Everyone sees comments live as they happen. Ask colleagues and clients for feedback by giving them a private link, or inviting them via email. Keep your team updated about comments, additions, and new versions, as you track changes. Price: Plans start at $20 per month for 5 projects.


Silverback website


Silverback is a usability-testing tool for Macs. Set specific user tasks to record, review, and export after a session. Select recorded highlights for organization and export. Control Silverback using your iPhone for uninterrupted recording. Price: See website for Silverback 3 pricing, due early 2015. Silverback 2 is now available as free unsupported shareware.

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