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15 Popular Themes for Shopify

With over 100 free and premium ecommerce themes, the Shopify Theme Store gives businesses a wide range of starting points to develop the right site and build a brand.

Here is a list of popular themes for Shopify. There are themes for single products and small and large catalogs. Several themes can also be used for crowdfunding campaigns. There are free and premium themes.



Brooklyn is a free theme, designed for modern apparel stores with a focus on brand imagery. Showcase multiple product or brand images at the top of the home page. The layout of your products changes automatically based on how many are displayed. There are two styles: Classic and Playful. Price: Free.



Supply is a free theme, designed to showcase and sort large inventories. Filter collection pages by brand, price, and other customizable options. Showcase multiple product and brand images, or featured collections, on your home page. There are two styles: Blue and Light. Price: Free.



Simple is a free, clean, and minimal theme for showcasing products. Feature an accordion-style menu in your sidebar to easily display your products and collections. Give visitors a closer look and extra product details when they hover over an image. Display multiple products from the same collection on product pages. Two styles: Light and Beauty. Price: Free.



Venture is a free theme for stores with many products. Feature product details and images in a large, multi-column drop-down menu. Promote a single product by featuring it front and center on your home page. Allow visitors to filter products by type, and sort by best sellers and price on the collection page. Three styles: Snowboards, Outdoors, and Boxing. Price: Free.



Minimal is a free, simple, and clean theme that keeps the focus on your products. It features product image zoom, a slideshow, home page video, and more. Display items from the same collection on your product pages. There are three styles: Vintage, Fashion, and Modern. Price: Free.



Boundless is a free, minimalist theme that puts your photography front and center. Showcase high-resolution product imagery throughout your store. Feature multiple product or brand images in a fade-effect slideshow on your home page. Collection images are presented in a full-width grid layout. Includes two styles: Black & White and Vibrant. Price: Free.



Pop is a free, minimalist theme to keep your content accessible. Features a sidebar menu for easy navigation and access to pages and information, slide-out cart so customers can easily add to their cart without leaving their current page, product image zoom, and home page slideshow. Two styles: Bone and Toy. Price: Free.



Debut is a free theme that’s designed to showcase your brand and products. Promote a single product by featuring it front and center on your home page, which can also feature a video and full-width product images. Share comments from customers. Includes two styles: Default and Light. Price: Free.



Narrative is for brand and product storytelling. Built for catalogs with a single product or a small number of products. Showcase product details with customizable image blocks, quote slides, and more. Create a better browsing experience by surfacing your menu, logo, and cart when customers begin to scroll up the page. Display products, information, images, or blog posts in a vertical slideshow on your home page. Includes three styles: Warm, Light, and Cold. Price: Free.



Jumpstart is a free theme for your crowdfunding campaign. Use the goal-tracking tool to display the progress. Promote your products and latest media coverage with an “As seen on” section. Share promotions, frequently asked questions, and blog posts on the home page. Price: Free.



Testament is ideal for stores with large imagery and featured collections. View product details in a popup so customers don’t have to leave the current page. Display color swatches on product and collection pages. Share collection-specific details in a dedicated sidebar on your collection page. There are four styles: Genesis, Exodus, Revelation, and Deliverance. Price: $140.



Icon is a theme for visually striking brands with image-focused content. Feature product images in a large, multi-column drop-down menu. Share your latest Instagram posts in a full-width feed. Create an animated depth effect as you scroll down the page. Include three styles: Dolce, Yves, and Christian. Price: $140.



Empire is an Amazon-inspired theme for large catalogs. Display live search results and quick links to products and store pages. Promote sales, discounts, and featured products with special promotional tiles. Three styles: Supply, Graphic, and Industrial. Price: $180.



District is a theme for showcasing featured products and collections. Use the banner at the top of your store’s home page to promote your latest sale, promotion, or discount. Share fullscreen promotional messages with your visitors. Promote a collection with a dedicated image gallery on your home page. Share your latest Instagram posts in a full-width feed. Includes three styles: District, Energy, and Coast. Price: $160.



Parallax is a theme to enhance your brand’s style with a parallax scrolling effect. Create an animated depth effect as you scroll down the page. Also features blog avatars, social sign-in, full-width video, promotional banner, and multi-level drop-down menu. Includes four styles: Aspen, Madrid, Vienna, and Los Angeles. Price: $180.

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