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Comparing KPIs for 2 websites in first year of trading

Now that My Event Décor has been live for 12 months, it’s time to compare its key performance indicators against the first year of My Wedding Décor.

Sales growth

Both My Event Décor and My Wedding Décor took several weeks to obtain the first online sale — the former recorded its first online sale within 37 days of launch, the latter within 21 days.

From months six through 12 (after launch), sales for My Event Décor sales grew by 372 percent while My Wedding Décor increased by 348 percent.

Both websites started from zero sales. But My Event Décor had several advantages. It benefitted from My Wedding Décor having been online for 21 months. It launched with more than twice as many products as My Wedding Décor. And it could market immediately to My Wedding Décor’s corporate event clients.


Visits to My Event Décor grew by 156 percent in the second six-month period. My Wedding Décor grew by a more modest 94 percent.

My Event Décor visits started to grow in the second half of its launch year once the website appeared on Google Maps, and following the renaming of social media accounts for both companies to My Event Décor.

Bounce rates

The bounce rates to My Event Décor’s website have fallen from 67 percent in its first six months to a current rate of 49 percent.

My Wedding Décor remained virtually unchanged at 46 percent and 47 percent in its first six and twelve months, respectively, of operation. (It is much improved today, with bounce rates for January 2018 at, incredibly, 1.22 percent.)

My Event Décor bounce rates dropped once I eliminated virtually all products that were also available on My Wedding Décor. This also eliminated duplicate content, which greatly assisted search engine optimization.

Conversion rates

Conversion rates for My Event Décor increased by 127 percent in the second six-month period over its first six months, compared to a 100-percent increase for My Wedding Décor.

This rise in conversion rates for My Event Decor was largely due to a change in product naming convention, which I described in “New subcategories increase sales and signups.” Conversion rates were also helped by emphasizing décor items for store openings, product launches, corporate events and expos, and an overall increase in the product range.

For My Wedding Décor, its conversion rate increase came from the improved home page and product page redesign in its second six months as well as its increasing brand awareness from social media, blog posts, and directory listings.

Order value

The average order value for My Event Décor increased 7 percent in the second six months (to $378.52), compared to a 16 percent rise (to $191.11) for My Wedding Décor.

Corporate event average order values are twice as much as bridal events. Corporate clients have less price sensitivity. They comprise 69 percent of my total business.

Of the 332 products for My Event Décor, 48 percent are priced under $AUD100, 35 percent cost $AUD100 – $AUD499, and 17 percent are listed at over $AUD500.

The average order value for the My Wedding Décor likely rose somewhat as I introduced higher priced products.

Today, 60 percent of My Wedding Décor’s 257 products are priced less than $AUD100, 33 percent at $AUD100 – $AUD500, and only 7 percent are more than $AUD500.

Repeat customers

My Event Décor had 3 percent fewer repeat customers in its second six months, while My Wedding Décor increased its repeat customers by 89 percent during the same period.

My Wedding Décor launched in April 2015 and almost doubled its rate of repeat customers in months six through 12 (October 2015 – April 2016), as that period encompassed the wedding season in Australia.

I use Shopify for both sites. Shopify’s statistics show a small drop in repeat customers for My Event Décor over its second six months. However, many of these corporate clients now purchase directly, outside of Shopify, and pay with direct bank payments.



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  1. Brian Mathers March 1, 2018 Reply

    First of all thank you for sharing your story which I think will help others who are in their first year of trading or just about to launch a website.

    My interest over here in Scotland is helping to support and grow micro and small medium enterprises online. And more so, those who not only manage their own business but trying to fit in the task of actually managing and marketing their own website.

    What intrigues me about your model is the fact you decided to put in place 2 websites which is having you do twice the work to reach your audience is it not?

    Also one website is very close to the other by way of architecture and layout, and the content is not a million miles away from each other either. And this I wonder is maybe why one website appears to be doing better than the other.

    What would be additionally interesting and informative to the micro small business community about the story you are sharing with everyone is the digital strategy you are rolling out to get this traffic to your site in order to achieve these conversions.

    I do like what you have done with shopify as I find out a great product to work with. I like how your information flows through the menu infrastructure you have in place. Although your category pages such as for example Beach Theme Wedding has no content on that landing page as such apart from what is under each image. Yet we are all told how important content is for landing pages by having each supported by at least 300 words of content. Appreciate your view on this.

    And finally, I was also intrigued with your interpretation of your Analytics when you said that your bounce rate was way down at 1.22%. From what has been said by some of the most trusted voices I know globally who are experts in Analytics, a figure this low would suggest a ‘possible error’ in the confiiguration of the analytics.

    Healthy bounce rates for website pages performing well are seen to around 18%-28% and that you should be worrying if the bounce is way up there at 49% say or above. Of course if you see that figure next to a landing page, you could consider that page being something like your Bech Theme Wedding page where the visitor is literally passing through here to get to your child product landing page.

    But hey, this is a great story, I really appreciate you taking the time to share your online adventure with everyone because the principles of what you are doing and applying to the website to better its performance especiallly in the sites infant period from year zero to say 3 I think is vitally important for small business owners to understand. So well done and feel free to private message me.