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A Primer on Multichannel Marketing

A growing number of vendors help companies market their products and services across multiple channels. Emarsys is one example.

A growing number of vendors help companies market their products and services across multiple channels. Emarsys is one example.

Multichannel marketing is the practice of engaging with consumers across different channels, such as websites, mobile apps, brick-and-mortar stores, mail order catalogs, and even promotional events.

Why Multichannel Marketing?

Retailers typically have prospects on many potential channels. Some prospects, for example, prefer online shopping, others prefer physical stores, while others enjoy catalogs. The more channels targeted by a retailer, the higher the probability of closing sales. The following are key benefits of multichannel marketing.

  • Greater consumer interaction. Different consumers prefer different channels to engage with a business. If a consumer prefers shopping on a smartphone, marketing via a mobile app will likely lead to better engagement with that shopper. Retailers can analyze response rates across channels and then can update their single-view database for the specific channel(s) preferred by a shopper.
  • Targeted messaging. Retailers cannot use the same marketing message across different channels. For example, the message for a marketing email (to drive traffic to a website) cannot be used on an ad in a shopping mall. The message should be targeted to the channel.
  • Improved retention. Seeing a brand name repeatedly helps us remember it. The same applies to multichannel marketing, as consumers could see a message online, in a catalog, on television, or attending a trade show, as examples. All of this helps consumers remember the retailer’s brand and the products.
  • Marketing diversity. Marketing across multiple channels that complement and support each other engages consumers without overwhelming a single source. For example, most consumers receive much email, often spammy. Rather than bombard a shopper with yet more email, retailers can rely on other channels to communicate their message.

Multichannel Marketing Vendors

Below is a partial list of multichannel-marketing vendors.

  • AgilOne integrates customer data from all channels and uses artificial intelligence to understand and predict shopper behavior. Marketers can engage with consumers at every touch point, utilizing deep personalization. AgilOne’s customers include Jo-Ann Fabrics and
  • Appier helps target prospects more effectively using artificial intelligence. Appier is headquartered in Taiwan and works with over 500 global brands.
  • Crobox is an automated marketing solution that combines consumer psychology with machine learning to convert consumers into customers. Crobox calls this its data-driven persuasion framework. Crobox is based in Amsterdam.
  • Emarsys enables true, one-to-one interactions between marketers and consumers across all channels — building loyalty, enriching the customer journey, and increasing revenue. Emarsys has offices worldwide, with more than 1,500 business customers.
  • Jetlore is a prediction platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to automate the multichannel marketing process. Jetlore is based in the U.S., with more than 100 customers.
  • Retention Science empowers marketers through artificial intelligence. ReSci’s technology combines deep machine learning and true automation, turning data-driven insights into intelligent actions that further customer retention. ReSci is based in the U.S. and is used by larger retailers, including Target, Dollar Shave Club, and The Honest Company.
  • Thirdshelf is loyalty marketing software for retailers. Thirdshelf is based in Canada. Customers include Etiket (beauty products) and Mike’s Bikes.
  • Tinyclues enables marketers to generate more revenue from their customer database by reaching the right audience on any campaign. Tinyclues has offices in Europe. Fnac (a French electronics retailer) and Lacoste (the French clothing company) are leading customers.
  • SmarterHQ utilizes its intelligent behavioral marketing technology to create campaigns and send emails that deliver personalized experiences to consumers, with minimal effort. SmarterHQ is based in the U.S. Customers include GNC, Finish Line, and Eddie Bauer.

Do you market across multiple channels? Please share your experiences in the comments, below.

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