Holiday Sales: Four Ways to Capture the Budget-driven Consumer

The marketplace has been changed by the recession. Consumers have become increasingly frugal and they’re probing for the best deals they can find. Ecommerce merchants need to adjust accordingly.

Retail sales took a hit in 2008, even though online traffic rose 10 percent. That’s presumably because consumers are talking to each another, checking product reviews, and comparing prices on social media sites. If you want their business then you have to stand out.

Four Ideas to Appeal to Budget-conscious Consumers

Here are four ways your brand can capture the budget-driven consumer this holiday season.

  1. Offer specials and incentives to buy. These can range from free shipping to 50 percent off the next purchase. Ask yourself, “What will entice a consumer to make a purchase here and now, rather than perusing my competitors first?”

  2. Use social media to your advantage. Not only can you use social media to advertise special offers, but it can also serve as a means of engagement–something your consumers value immensely. Brand relationships increase the perceived value of a product. So be sure to monitor and optimize your social presence.

  3. Match offers to landing pages. Landing pages should be optimized so when someone clicks on a banner or text ad, they are led to exactly what they are looking for. If a customer clicks on a display ad offering “baby moccasins,” the landing page that appears needs to be specifically focused on “baby moccasins.” Not adult moccasins or doggie moccasins or just a home page for the moccasin shop. The consumer has little patience and it doesn’t take much before they hit the “back” button.

  4. Integrate. This can’t be emphasized enough. People are more likely to click on a display ad or a paid-search ad if they recognize your brand from seeing it on a social site or in natural search results. Integration will not only strengthen your brand, but it will also generate more leads.


Capturing budget-driven consumers isn’t easy. The competition is trying to do it, too. But if you capture them up front and provide them with enough incentive to purchase, you won’t need to worry that they’ll go looking elsewhere this holiday season.

Lisa Wehr
Lisa Wehr
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