May 2010 Top Ten: Our Most Popular Posts

It is always interesting to learn which of the Practical eCommerce posts are receiving the most reads each month. Here are the ten most popular articles in May 2010, based on the number of page views.

Ten Great Ecommerce Ideas for May 2010

Each month, we ask industry insiders for bite-sized ideas that could help an ecommerce company, and we publish ten of the best tips in one article. In May, we provided tips on how to have a great newsletter, make web pages load faster, get quality backlinks, beat your competitors’ SEO efforts, and several more.

What Is HTML 5?

As part of our “Need to Know” series, contributing author and web expert Joseph P. Dolson writes about HTML 5. He explains how it differs from HTML 4 and xHTML, and how HTML 5 makes it easier to develop applications for the web.

6 Facebook Apps to Enhance Your Company’s Fan Page

Now that Fan pages have morphed into “brand pages,” merchants can take a company’s brand experience right into Facebook. This article lists six applications that integrate with Facebook to help you promote your business, as well as a few of Facebook’s own apps.

SEO MAYDAY: Analyzing the Impact of Algorithmic Changes

Another change to Google’s algorithms has caused a drop in “longtail” traffic (traffic from multiple keywords) for many ecommerce businesses, prompting SEO professionals to dub it the “MAYDAY” update. This article explains what happened and what ecommerce merchants can do about it.

Six Causes for Disappearing Ecommerce Sales

When online sales start dropping, a quick fix is essential. This article gets right to the point with six specific reasons why your ecommerce store might be underperforming, followed by recommended actions you can take to get back up to speed.

CyberSource CEO Addresses Visa’s Acquisition

Global payment service CyberSource has announced that Visa intends later this year to purchase that company. To explain the transaction and its impact on ecommerce merchants, we interviewed Michael Walsh, president and CEO of CyberSource, and John Bodine, its vice president of small business sales.

Ecommerce Video Production

Video most definitely has power to improve conversion rates on ecommerce websites. This article offers a few examples of how videos can enhance ecommerce websites, and also provides a checklist of things to consider when producing videos, including pre- and post-production.

Google Changes Search-Results Page, How Merchants Can Benefit

Google recently added more options for searchers, allowing them to tailor the type of search results that they see. The new options have resulted in a major change in how search results are presented. This article will help you navigate through the changes and what it really means for your ecommerce business.

4 Video-Sourcing Methods: Pros and Cons of Each

Not every ecommerce merchant can afford to hire a professional video production company to make product videos. Here, we offer a quick rundown of four ways to source videos, along with a few tips to help you make the most of each source.

Merchant Grows Business by Focusing on Video

If it is hard to imagine how video can be used to promote a web store or to increase conversions, this is a practical case study of how it is done. We interviewed Jamie Salvatori, founder and owner of the online gift store Vat19, to explain how his business thrives by focusing on product videos.

One More for Good Measure

Website Terms and Conditions: Case Highlights Enforceability

Outlining terms and conditions on your website can be an effective way to protect your business from lawsuits, set shipping terms, and describe additional charges. This overview of website terms and conditions written by Internet attorney Jeff Jacobson provides some simple steps you can take to avoid costly mistakes.

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