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AI Tools to Create Social Media Videos

Artificial intelligence is upending video creation, reducing hours of work to seconds. The new capabilities enable unprecedented creativity for social media marketers.

Here are new AI tools that create and enhance social media videos.

AI Tools for Social Media Videos

Add effects, colors, styles

Videoleap is an iOS and Android app to add artistry to videos. Its AI feature allows users to record or upload a 10-second clip and then apply custom styles or prebuilt versions such as comics, anime, gaming, cartoons, or scenes.

Videoleap includes a library of user-created templates, which now include AI effects. Use any of these templates, and your video will automatically apply those effects.

Videoleap transformed the original image at left.

Turn YouTube videos into social-media clips

Vizard creates clips from longer videos. Upload a video or provide a YouTube URL, and Vizard will instantly create clips.

You can edit clips by changing the template, the style of subtitles, and by highlighting sections, but the videos I tested didn’t need much editing. The clips were compelling.

Screenshot from Vizard of a longer video with shorter clips

Vizard creates short clips from longer videos.

Generate animated videos from prompts

Technology now exists to generate videos from text prompts. The results are impressive.

Krea creates pictures from a prompt and then animates them into a video. I provided this prompt:

A waterfall surrounded by rocks and trees. It’s a foliage season, so all the trees are yellow and red.

I uploaded the result to TikTok, and it produced more views and engagements than my regular videos in a fraction of the time.

Screenshot of the video on TikTok

Krea created this waterfall video on TikTok from a prompt.

Genmo offers similar functionality. I used the same prompt. Instead of creating a static, 3D visualization, Genmo made the waterfall flow, but it was not as realistic as Krea, at least in my experiments.

Screenshot of the waterfall image from Genmo

Genmo’s waterfall was not as realistic.

Generate videos from pictures

Boolvideo generates videos from pictures. It works well with product images in my tests. Upload a photo and provide an optional prompt. The tool will create short videos in seconds.

You can edit each auto-generated template to add a call-to-action, subtitles, logo, and more.

Screenshot of canvas tennis shoes photos in a video

Boolvideo generates videos from pictures.

Better, Faster

AI technology helps social media marketers:

  • Videoleap transforms existing videos artistically for more views and engagements.
  • Vizard repurposes YouTube videos into clips suitable for TikTok and Instagram.
  • Krea and Genmo generate videos from text prompts.
  • Boolvideo turns pictures into short, creative videos in seconds.
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