Charts: Average Order, Cart Abandons, More

Influencer Marketing Hub is a Denmark-based publishing company producing articles and other content for the social media and influencer industries.

Its “eCommerce Benchmark Report 2022 – State of the eCommerce Industry,” issued in December 2021, repurposes research from 16 ecommerce vendors to form an overview of online selling worldwide. The report focuses on roughly 20 metrics from those vendors.

For this week’s charts, I’ve excerpted research in that report from KIBO Commerce and Kantar Group. KIBO is a Dallas, Texas-based personalization platform for omnichannel sellers. U.K.-based Kantar is a global consultancy, perhaps best known for its annual rundown of the most valuable global brands.

Average Order Values

KIBO’s “Q2 2021 Ecommerce Quarterly Benchmarks Report” — based on its own customer data — addresses changes in average ecommerce order values from Q2 2020 and Q2 2021 across four global regions: U.S., U.K., EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa,) and Other.

Cart Abandonment Rates

KIBO also studied its customers’ cart abandonment rates in Q2 2021 for smartphone, desktop, and tablet users in the U.S. and U.K.


Influencer Marketing Hub cited Kantar’s report, “The state of ecommerce 2021,” which addressed opportunities for agencies to sell services to ecommerce retailers. Kantar surveyed in early 2020 “500 online [worldwide] purchasers and 200 industry professionals across brand, shopper marketing, ecommerce, and advertising specialties.”

Kantar’s survey also addressed the top employment opportunities for individuals — ecommerce professionals.

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