Charts: Ecommerce in U.S. Grocery Industry

In the coming years, U.S. consumers will increasingly buy their groceries online. That’s according to an April 2022 report by McKinsey & Company titled, “The next horizon for grocery e-commerce: Beyond the pandemic bump.”

McKinsey’s research includes surveys of U.S. grocery CEOs, operations executives, and consumers.

Those surveys confirmed that grocery shoppers would continue to view ecommerce favorably. However, many grocers don’t believe they have the necessary capabilities to manage this channel. The report also highlights the actions organizations must take to win in e-commerce.

According to McKinsey, grocery executives predict that ecommerce penetration will increase for their own firms in the next three to five years.

McKinsey’s research also indicates that consumers will continue to purchase groceries online (click and collect as well as delivery) in 2022.

Customers favor home delivery and value its improved products and services, including speed, dependability, depth of selection, and flexibility.

According to McKinsey’s analysis, two-thirds of grocery retailers feel underprepared to handle the simultaneous challenges of ecommerce.

An Insider Intelligence report in Jan. 2022 titled “US Digital Grocery Features Benchmark 2022” examined the features that retailers can provide to attract and retain customers.

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