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ChatGPT Prompts for Pay-per-click Ads

ChatGPT is handy for organizing data. An example is pay-per-click advertising campaigns with lots of keywords and numbers.

Here are ChatGPT prompts to improve PPC setup and performance.

ChatGPT Prompts for PPC Campaigns

1. Group keywords to set up campaigns.

Setting up PPC campaigns requires bidding on hundreds (or thousands) of keywords. Analyzing and selecting those keywords could take an entire day. With ChatGPT, it takes a minute.

Here’s my prompt:

I am working on a PPC campaign for a “peer-to-peer loan” company. Here are my keywords. Group them by meaning and search intent so that I can set up multiple campaigns.

ChatGPT produced 10 groups, naming each based on the type of campaign. Here are two:

Screenshot of partial ChatGPT response

ChatGPT created 10 keyword groups. Here are two. Click image to enlarge.

I can then add data from a keyword tool to those lists and ask ChatGPT to estimate the monthly search volume and budget for each campaign. Here’s that prompt:

I am setting up a PPC campaign for a peer-to-peer loan company. Here’s my keyword list. The first number next to each keyword is its search volume; the second number is the cost per click. Organize these keywords to create a separate campaign for each group, and keep the search volume next to each keyword. Estimate monthly search volume for each group and the minimum budget based on the CPC of all keywords within a group. Use the table format for your response.

And here’s ChatGPT’s partial response.

Screenshot of partial ChatGPT response

ChatGPT added to the keyword group estimated monthly search volume and minimum budget. Click image to enlarge.

ChatGPT also explained its calculations:

“Please note that the estimated monthly search volume is based on the sum of search volumes for keywords within each group. The minimum budget is calculated by multiplying the sum of the search volumes by the highest CPC value within each group. For example:

“Campaign 1: Peer-to-Peer Loan General. Minimum Budget Estimate (CPC * Search Volume): $2380 * 2.47 (average CPC) = $5876.60

“Keep in mind that search volumes and CPC values can change over time, so it’s important to monitor and adjust your campaigns accordingly.”

2. Generate ad copy

Having established the keyword groups, we can focus on the ad copy. I prompted ChatGPT to create target buyer personas for each campaign:

Use the same table but add a column called “Persona” and come up with 1-3 personas to target within each group.

ChatGPT came up with the following personas:

  • “General audience interested in loans”
  • “Individuals in urgent need of funds”
  • “Individuals with poor credit history”
  • “Individuals interested in investments”
  • “Individuals in need of personal loans”
  • “Small business owners”
  • “Tech-savvy individuals”
  • “Individuals seeking loan information”
  • “People looking for loan reviews”

Next I prompted ChatGPT to create ads for each persona in each group:

Using the same table, add an “Ad copy” column and develop the best copy to target the identified persona.

Here’s a screenshot of the part of the result.

Screenshot of partial ChatGPT response

ChatGPT generated ads for each persona. Click image to enlarge.

It’s a good starting point. I can now work with each group to request ChatGPT generate alternative headlines, body text, and calls-to-action. Here is my prompt for headlines:

For Campaign 1 and persona “General audience interested in loans,” create 10 more engaging ad headlines (30 characters or less).

ChatGPT came up with the following headlines “focusing on the speed, convenience, and benefits of obtaining loans.”

  • “Fast Cash, Low Rates”
  • “Loans Made Easy”
  • “Get Funded Today”
  • “Quick Loans Online”
  • “Borrow with Confidence”
  • “Your Loan, Your Way”
  • “Unlock Financial Flex”
  • “No Collateral Needed”
  • “Low Rate Loans”
  • “Apply Now, Pay Less”

3. Find related keywords

We now have an initial keyword list. ChatGPT can identify other keyword opportunities, especially if we prompt it to find keywords for a persona or a stage in the buying journey. Here’s my prompt to do that:

I am setting up a PPC campaign for a peer-to-peer loan company. Come up with a list of keyword ideas targeting people who may be interested in this option but are not familiar with the concept or meaning of “peer-to-peer loans” or “P2P loans.” Create a list that doesn’t include those terms.

Here’s ChatGPT’s response:

  • “Online personal lending”
  • “Borrow money online”
  • “Invest in loans”
  • “Earn from lending”
  • “Digital lending platform”
  • “Direct lending marketplace”
  • “Crowdfunded loans”
  • “Loan investing online”
  • “Loan diversification”
  • “Loan opportunities online”
  • “Lend and earn”
  • “Online borrowing community”
  • “New way to borrow”
  • “Alternative lending option”
  • “Interest on loans online”
  • “Loan investors network”
  • “Digital peer lending”
  • “Collaborative borrowing”
  • “Loan crowdfunding platform”
  • “Web-based loan investments”
  • “Loan funding community”
  • “Earn as a lender”
  • “Connect with borrowers online”
  • “Modern lending solutions”

4. Create social media ads

Aside from paid search campaigns, ChatGPT can help with social media advertising. Here’s my prompt:

I am going to extend my Google Ads campaign to Facebook. Create my targeting settings and generate at least five ideas for ad copy targeting entrepreneurs interested in peer-to-peer loans.

And here’s the response for settings:

“Targeting Settings for Facebook Campaign”

“Location: Select specific regions or cities where your target audience is located
“Age: 35-55 (age range of entrepreneurs)
“Gender: All
“Interests: Small businesses, Entrepreneurship, Business financing, Startups, Business growth
“Behaviors: Business owners, Small business decision-makers
“Detail Targeting Expansion: On”

And here are two of ChatGPT’s five ad ideas. (We could have prompt ChatGPT to add emojis or hashtags for Instagram and Twitter campaigns.)

"1. Ad Copy 1: Opportunity Knocks for Entrepreneurs""Unleash your business's true potential with innovative financing solutions. Discover a new way to fund your ventures through our thriving online community of lenders and borrowers. Don't let lack of funds limit your growth. Explore P2P lending today!" "2. Ad Copy 2: Fuel Your Business Dreams with Collaborative Lending" "Tired of traditional loan processes? Embrace the power of peer-to-peer lending to fuel your entrepreneurial dreams. Connect with a network of like-minded lenders who believe in your vision. Say goodbye to hurdles and hello to opportunities!"

ChatGPT generated five potential Facebook ads. Here are two of them. Click image to enlarge.

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