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ChatGPT Prompts for Social Media Marketing

ChatGPT can improve social media productivity with idea suggestions, sample posts, repurposed content, and more. What follows are ChatGPT prompts to streamline social media marketing.

Prompts for Social Media Marketing

Raise product visibility.

Here’s my prompt:

My platform helps remote workers remain productive by providing virtual rooms, shared calendars, file sharing, and schedules. Create a list of ideas to raise the visibility of my product on social media. Try different angles, such as problem-solving, data-driven updates, and questions.

ChatGPT produced a list of five ideas. Here are three of them.

Screenshot of ChatGPT responses

ChatGPT generated five ideas to raise the social media visibility of a hypothetical platform for remote workers. Click image to enlarge.

I then asked ChatGPT to generate a sample Facebook post for each idea. Here are two of those responses:

“What’s your biggest remote work challenge? Share your thoughts in the comments, and we’ll provide tips and solutions to help you overcome them. 👇 #RemoteWorkChallenges”

“Learn how to streamline your remote meetings with our video tutorial! Say goodbye to endless Zoom fatigue and hello to efficient virtual collaboration. 📹💬 #RemoteMeetingTips”

I also prompted ChatGPT to expand on the third idea (“Question-Type Updates”). Here’s that prompt:

For #3, develop more engaging questions, not generic ones. Focus on specific potential problems of my target audience. Turn these questions into social media updates.

And here’s ChatGPT’s partial response:

“Facebook Update: ‘Ever felt like important messages get lost in the virtual void? 📧💬 How do you keep your team’s communication crystal clear when working remotely? Let’s discuss! 👥 #RemoteTeamChat'”

“Facebook Update: ‘Zoom fatigue is real! 😩📹 How do you combat screen exhaustion and stay energized during virtual meetings? Share your strategies in the comments! 🚀 #BeatZoomFatigue'”

Promote articles.


This is my article [TEXT].

Generate 10 engaging tweets with varying angles and hooks promoting the published article.

Include a few tweets asking questions that my article answers. The goal is to have my followers intrigued enough to click the link in the tweet.

Craft an insightful tweet to embed in my content.

Draft a comprehensive Facebook post with a relatable story or anecdote.

Design a LinkedIn update focusing on professional benefits or insights.

For each response, include trending and relevant hashtags and emojis to enhance visibility and engagement.

Repurpose content for LinkedIn and Medium.


This is my article [TEXT].

Create two 500-word summaries to publish on LinkedIn and Medium as original content and link back to my article. The summaries should promote my original article and encourage a click.

Instagram article promotion.


This is my article [TEXT].

Devise an engaging and intriguing Instagram photo caption that evokes emotion or thought, motivating followers to click the link.

Product launch on Twitter.


This is my product description [DESCRIPTION].

Design 10 distinct tweets highlighting various product features, benefits, and use cases, ensuring each tweet tells a unique story about the product.

Customer appreciation tweets.


Here are two tweets from customers stating their appreciation of our product [TWEETS].

Write 10 short, heartfelt tweets expressing gratitude towards customers for their positive mentions, each with a touch of personalization.

Customer service training.


Here are two tweets from angry customers [TWEETS].

Draft several empathetic tweets to these unhappy customers that address their concerns and subtly redirect the conversation to a more private platform (like DMs) for further resolution.

Problem-solving tweets.


My product solves this problem [PROBLEM].

Create a detailed Twitter thread that educates readers about the problem and suggests my product as the remedy.

Festive Facebook posts.


This is my product description [DESCRIPTION].

Create a series of holiday-themed Facebook posts where my product is seamlessly integrated into festive scenarios, anecdotes, or visuals without a pushy sales agenda.

Repurpose testimonials.


This is a customer testimonial [TESTIMONIAL].

Transform the testimonial into engaging tweets, Facebook and LinkedIn posts, and Instagram captions that resonate with my target audience of remote workers while emphasizing the customer’s genuine feedback.

Persuasive calls-to-action.


This is my product description [DESCRIPTION].

Craft 10 inviting and persuasive social media calls-to-action that entice readers to learn more about my product. Avoid being overly promotional or aggressive. 

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