How ChatGPT Drives Ecommerce Conversions

ChatGPT can generate marketing copy, engage in conversational dialogue, and produce code, among other uses. But can the artificial intelligence tool help online stores increase sales?

Let’s take a look.

There are seemingly thousands of ways to solicit ChatGPT’s assistance. The easiest is to tell it what you want as if you were speaking to a human. For example, “Write an email telling customers everything is on sale until February 10.”

Generalized commands may result in irrelevant output — ChatGPT might cite products you don’t offer if not specified in the request. So be prepared to edit responses.

ChatGPT Conversion Drivers

Better bullet points. Armed with nothing more than a manufacturer’s description, the tool can enliven bullet points.

I fed Epson’s highlights for the RapidReceipt scanner to ChatGPT and instructed it to “rewrite these bullet points so they’re more exciting.”

  • Epson: High performance scanning at a great value.
  • ChatGPT: Experience lightning-fast scanning at an unbeatable price.
  • Epson: Automatically extracts and categorizes data from receipts and invoices.
  • ChatGPT: Effortlessly extract and organize vital data from receipts and invoices with just a click.
  • Epson: Secures key data for business and taxes.
  • ChatGPT: Keep your business and tax information secure and accessible.
  • Epson: Found receipts could mean found money.
  • ChatGPT: Discover hidden savings by digitizing and organizing found receipts.
  • Epson: Turns paper documents into searchable and editable PDFs.
  • ChatGPT: Transform paper documents into easily searchable and editable PDFs.

ChatGPT’s suggestions are not perfect, but they include impulse triggers and shopper-focused dialog.

Personalized responses. ChatGPT can expand on a simple request. Here’s an example of upselling a shopper.

Input: Tell Susan we are out of the 12-cup food processor in black, but the 14-cup is available and on sale for $219.

ChatGPT: Hi Susan. I wanted to follow up with you regarding the food processor you were interested in. Unfortunately, we are currently out of stock on the 12-cup food processor in black. However, I wanted to let you know that the 14-cup food processor is available and currently on sale for $219. This larger capacity food processor will give you more flexibility in the kitchen and it is perfect for big families or parties.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you would like to take advantage of this sale and place an order for the 14-cup food processor.

Again, ChatGPT’s word choice is sometimes awkward. Thus proof carefully before sending.

A/B tests. Product names, email subject lines, and more — ChatGPT can generate short and long variations to test with your audience. Request ChatGPT to generate a fixed number of versions or, alternatively, use its “Regenerate response” button.

In the example below, note the tool’s use of marketing phrases, such as “Limited Time Offer” and “Stay cozy,” for email subject lines.

ChatGPT window showing a list of alternate email subject lines

ChatGPT can generate email subject lines from a single command to facilitate A/B tests. Click image to enlarge. Source: ChatGPT.

Product recommendations. ChatGPT can offer ideas for product recommendations based on a single purchase. Tell it to “recommend more products after buying a [product name].”

For example, if a customer’s order history reveals only a generic soap dispenser, ChatGPT may list a shower caddy, hand towels, lotion dispensers, and sanitizing spray as additional ideas.

FAQs. ChatGPT can generate all sorts of ecommerce FAQs, such as shipping, returns and exchanges, warranty info, and more. The tool can even identify common questions. Tell it, “Write FAQs for shopping at an online store.”

Social media posts. Marketers are already putting ChatGPT to the social media test. The tool will generate posts for the platform you specify, injecting emojis and hashtags.

Higher Conversions

ChatGPT is new and evolving. According to its parent, OpenAI, ChatGPT cannot search the internet and has “limited knowledge of events after 2021.”

The tool can collect and analyze data, not compose ready-to-publish copy. It tends to repeat words and phrases and doesn’t conform to a specific tone or style guide. Beware of spelling and grammar mistakes and unintentional plagiarism. The tool won’t likely understand your audience and brand.

Nonetheless, ChatGPT can generate ideas, suggest alternative text, identify missed opportunities, and more. The result is more visitors and higher conversions.

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