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SEO: 12 Free Chrome Extensions for Content and Authority

My article last week listed free Chrome extensions for the technical aspects of search engine optimization. In this post, I’ll describe some of my favorite Chrome SEO extensions for content and authority. I’ll also include analytics and productivity extensions to make Chrome your go-to browser for SEO work.

Content Optimization Extensions

Keyword themes and contextual relevance play a huge role in SEO. They’re the tools that search engines use to connect a searcher’s desire and intent with the pages that contain the correct information.

The more we can understand about that desire and intent, as expressed via keyword themes, the better chance we have of creating content that targets the searchers who will read our content and convert to customers.

Keywords Everywhere shows Google Keyword Planner search volume and cost-per-click data directly in columns from multiple sources, including Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Bing, Majestic, and Moz. It saves time from downloading multiple sets of data and compiling them into a spreadsheet.

SeoStack Keyword Tool brings keyword suggestions to your extension toolbar. Type any word to check suggestions for Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, Amazon, and eBay. Export the results for additional manipulation.

Authority and Social Extensions

Another major aspect of search engine algorithms is authority in the form of backlinks and mentions. The following Chrome extensions help measure any site’s authority and uncover ways to improve it by comparing to more authoritative sites.

MozBar comes from one of the premier sources of industry knowledge. While the tool ties into a premium Moz account, it’s also a good source of free link analysis data. I’m ambivalent about the data bar it inserts into every search results page. It’s helpful info, but I don’t care to see it for every search, and I don’t want to continually toggle the extension on and off.

Oxyleads Prospector is an extension for sales lead acquisition and management. It also works for collecting contact information for link outreach. It is free for five emails and 100 searches from the tool per week. Additional access is available for a fee.

Impactana Content Marketing Toolbar delivers social buzz (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest shares, and tweets) and engagement metrics (comments, downloads, clicks, views, and domain and page authority) to your toolbar for every page you view in your browser.

Analytics Extensions

SEO is useless without analytics because you can’t optimize what you can’t measure. The Chrome extensions below make it easier to manage your analytics, though since Google deprecated its Page Analytics by Google extension, none of them actually show your analytics data on each page.

Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on gives you the ability to opt out of tracking for the visits you make to your own site so that you won’t skew the analytics.

ObservePoint TagDebugger allows visibility into all of the tags and trackers used on your site. See what’s running, how big each tag is, and how long it takes to complete.

Productivity Tools Extensions

These Chrome extensions aren’t strictly for SEO use. But I’d be lost without them in my daily SEO life.

Linkclump makes it easy to copy the URL links from any web page. Just right click and drag a rectangle around the links you want to copy. Linkclump automatically saves them to your clipboard for pasting.

Incognito-Filter can quickly launch a new private browsing window. More importantly, however, it can save a list of sites to always serve incognito. Like the native incognito feature in Chrome, it disables the browsing history and web cache to avoid some search result personalization.

LastPass is an indispensable tool for saving all of your passwords — and financial accounts and common form-fill information — in one handy place. It’s available for every major browser and mobile device, so you’ll never have to remember your passwords again. You can even share individual passwords or folders of passwords with people you trust.

Incredible StartPage shows a list of your most important bookmarks, recent sites, browser apps, and more in a handy web page-like layout for easy navigation when you open a new tab. It’s more attractive and manages to combine more useful information in one place than the default tab.

Google Voice allows you to send a text from your browser using the Google Voice number associated with your cell phone. You can also read voicemail and dial a number from your browser to your phone to initiate the call.

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