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Chart of the Week: Google Increases Market Share in February

Americans made 14.5 billion Internet searches in February 2010, according to comScore, the Internet tracking firm. Google users accounted for roughly 9.5 billion of those searches, equating to an approximate 65.5 percent market share, up .1 percent from January.

Microsoft beat Google in percentage gain between January and February, however. In January Microsoft controlled 11.3 percent of the market, and by the end of February it held 11.5 percent, according to comScore.

Yahoo!, Google’s closest competitor in terms of market share, lost the most ground when it dropped from 17 percent market share to 16.8 percent. Ask Network, which includes the search engine, also lost market share, dropping from 3.8 percent in January to 3.7 percent in February.

AOL’s market share remained a constant 2.5 percent in both months.

Search Engine Market Share Rankings in January and February

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