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15 Animated GIFs on Twitter, from Brands

In “12 Free Animated GIF Creators,” my article last week, I addressed tools to create animated GIFs for your website, email, and social media campaigns. In this article, I am highlighting some examples of animated GIFs from brands on Twitter. These GIFs serve a variety of purposes — demonstrating products, providing inspirational and educational content, celebrating events, or just having fun.


Celebrating its 75-year history, HP produced this GIF to convey how the founders flipped a coin to determine the name of the company. A simple animation can tell a big story.

Starbucks Coffee

This animated GIF from Starbucks is a whimsical scene of its product in motion. It’s also a good metaphor for what Starbucks’ customers want from coffee.

Samsung Mobile

This GIF from Samsung Mobile shows the multi-user mode of its new tablet. The GIF quickly and clearly illustrates the product’s functionality.


Here is a GIF from Wendy’s that showcases clever logo design, together with looping animation.

This sequence of images from presents a quick instructional GIF on how to cook bacon. It’s a useful demonstration of a popular item.

Fiat USA

This GIF from Fiat is exciting and funny, highlighting its car with cartoon horses, along with a few ridiculous live-action horses.


This animated GIF from NASA is a simulation of an upcoming mission — the first flight test of Orion. The inspirational animation and article link is a good lead generator for the mission’s web page.


This GIF from AT&T celebrates the official start of summer with a seasonal image. It also turns looping animation into endlessly watchable waves.


Visually is a marketplace for original visual content. This GIF on disaster areas engages the viewer with a question and demonstrates a powerful infographic.


This animated GIF from Google was posted last year during the World Cup soccer tournament. It’s another good example of using a GIF to celebrate an event.

[adult swim]

[adult swim] is a television production company that make funny cartoons for adults. This GIF conveys the company’s irreverent humor and style.

Taco Bell

This GIF from Taco Bell is another example of using animation to enhance a logo. The quick animation loop provides the right timing for the sparkles.


Oreo is a brand that frequently runs animated campaigns on social media. This GIF is from its recent #OREOCookieBalls holiday campaign. It’s a good example of how multiple GIFs can be used to tell a story.


This GIF from Denny’s is another example of animating a universally loved product like bacon. However, in this short, Denny’s uses the iconic quality of bacon to promote its restaurant.


This GIF from Gap is a good example of using the format to display a product in action. It’s also a helpful example of how dynamic content can be created and a story told with as little as three images.

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