Bloglist: Jakob Nielsen

In Bloglist, we ask ecommerce professionals to identify their favorite blogs. For this installment, we asked the Nielsen Norman Group’s Jakob Nielsen, whom The New York Times has called the guru of web page usability.

Jakob Nielsen

Daily coverage of “the business of content,” as their tagline goes. Always good analysis of new developments in online media, with short summaries and links to more detailed coverage elsewhere. Usually, it’s enough to read the Paid Content’s summary.

Extremely detailed coverage of search and search engines. In fact, it’s too detailed, because they obsess over the smallest detail, which can be too much. I wish this site would abandon the linear blog format and use a more prioritized layout and information architecture to make it easier to focus on important stories and those columnists that interest me the most. Still, this is the place to go for info on the most important channel for reaching new prospects on the web — the search engines.

If Search Engine Land publishes too much, Long Tail publishes too little, probably because it’s the site of the editor of Wired magazine who focuses his publishing efforts there. But when he posts, Chris Anderson provides lots of interesting data and observations about the value of highly specialized services on the web, the so-called “Long Tail.”

Seth Godin is the No. 1 genius of Internet marketing, except for the fact that he has his blog on a domain that he doesn’t own. But as a fellow consultant, I know that it’s not always possible for a small operation to follow all of the guidelines. Godin’s postings usually provide good examples of why you can’t rely on glamour advertising and business as usual in an interactive world.

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