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Custom GPTs for Marketers

Custom GPTs are versions of ChatGPT created by OpenAI users for specialized tasks. Many custom GPTs launch every day.

Here are five of the most useful for marketers with ChatGPT Plus accounts.

Helpful GPTs for Marketers

Elegant Logo Creator generates logos from prompts and offers unlimited revisions. To test, I entered this generic instruction:

Create a logo for a marketing community of people helping each other.

The tool produced this logo and explanation:

Screenshot of logo

Initial logo from Elegant Logo Creator.

The logo for your marketing community emphasizes mutual help and collaboration. It features a circle of interconnected abstract human figures, symbolizing unity and support within the community. The warm color palette of oranges and yellows, set against a clean white background, adds a friendly and approachable feel. This design aims to embody the spirit of teamwork, growth, and community, reflecting the core values of your marketing group.

I then asked it to include red and to make it simpler. Here’s the response:

Logo version 2

Revised logo with extra red.

I concluded with the following:

Remove the extra dots and make it a circle of people helping each other, more like the first version but simpler (less detail). It should be less of an ornament and more like a minimalistic logo. Include the name “Smarty Leads.”

Here’s the result:

Final logo version

Final version with “Smarty Leads.”

I could have continued for hours. Overall this GPT was a big help in generating a logo concept to build on.

Maestrix | All-in-one Marketing CoPilot helps formulate a value proposition, brand message, and target market.

I pasted my family blog URL, and Maestrix responded:

The value of [this site] lies in its rich, family-oriented content that caters to a diverse range of interests, from nature exploration and wildlife encounters to cultural experiences and budget-friendly travel tips. This content is valuable for families seeking unique, accessible, and varied travel experiences within the United States.

It also provided marketing tactics:

Emphasize the unique aspects of your content. For instance, your focus on family-friendly adventures, budget travel, and less-explored destinations like Connecticut or specific trails in popular locations. Highlight these unique angles in your marketing.

Content Helpfulness and Quality SEO Analyzer reviews content for omissions and reader benefits compared to competitors.

In a May article, I suggested using ChatGPT to analyze text. But the Content Helpfulness GPT is better, as it focuses on specific aspects of a page.

Paste your own URL and a competitor’s, and enter a target search query. The tool will provide suggestions based on Google’s helpful content algorithm, overall readability, and relevance to the query and its intent.

Trending TikTok Hashtags Finder Tool is a free hashtag generator for a given query. First, it searches TikTok for that keyword. It then checks those videos for hashtag ideas. Finally, it pulls trending hashtags from

I asked for TikTok hashtag suggestions for “traveling in NY state.” It generated a table as well as a few usage stats.

List of 10 hastags.

Trending TikTok Hashtags Finder Tool provided popular TikTok hashtags and isolated stats for the phrase “traveling to NY state.” Click image to enlarge.

DesignerGPT creates quick and simple website designs. I used my earlier logo prompt:

Create a design for a community of marketers helping each other.

The tool quickly created a website layout to download and deploy immediately. It also provided instructions on how to use the design.

Screenshot of web layout from DesignerGPT

DesignerGPT creates quick and simple website designs.

The layout is nothing special, but the slogan, headings, and email opt-in form were helpful, saving time, especially for new sites or projects.

I could have chatted more with the tool, requesting a better top banner, a different color palette, and a revised template organization.

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