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17 Mobile Apps for Customer Management

With mobile customer-relationship-management apps, you can harness your critical client data regardless of location. Use mobile CRM apps at trade shows, sales appointments and vacations to track sales, keep notes, schedule meetings and more.

Here is a list of apps for mobile CRM. While most of them are free, many are mobile extensions of full CRM systems, which are not free. Some are traditional CRM apps and some are social networking and collaboration apps. All of them can help manage clients and sales, from anywhere.

Traditional CRM Tools

  1. Sugar Mobile. Sugar Mobile is an extension of Sugar Professional or Sugar Enterprise. It enables customers to interact with data while logging calls on the phone through the mobile app. Click on an address to bring up Google map location. Changes to system data are updated in real-time. iPad, iPhone. Price: App is free.

    Sugar Mobile CRM dashboard.

    Sugar Mobile CRM dashboard.

  2. Salesforce Mobile. Get all your Salesforce data on the go. Access all account information, track account activity and recent sales. Log calls and meeting data right after they take place and respond immediately to new leads or customer requests. Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, Windows Mobile. Price: App is free.
  3. Resco MobileCRM. A mobile client app for field sales and service people using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It allows the user to access and share accounts, contacts, and data. It can be customized using MobileCRM Studio or MobileCRM Builder to add logos, buttons, lists, and more. Android, iPad, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7. Price: Lite app is free; standalone app is $49.99.
  4. SAP Business ByDesign. A mobile version of SAP’s on-demand Enterprise Resource Planning software for small and medium-sized companies. Manage accounts and contacts, check inventory, create sales orders, and view reports. SAP is planning next-version support for Blackberry, Android, and Windows Phone. iPad, iPhone. Price: App is free.
  5. SAP Business One Mobile Application. Access SAP Business One data from your phone. Check on inventory availability or customer credit limits, access reports, receive alerts, and process approvals. iPad, iPhone. Price: App is free.

    SAP Business One mobile app.

    SAP Business One mobile app.

  6. Oracle Mobile Sales Assistant and Oracle Mobile Sales Forecast. These apps provide users with real-time access to Oracle CRM On Demand applications. Blackberry, iPhone. Price: Apps are free.
  7. CWR Mobile CRM. A mobile client app for field sales and service people using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Android, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone. Price: App is free.
  8. TenDigits MobileAccess. This is another mobile client app for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Incorporate photos and video into CRM from the phone. Android, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, Playbook, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone. Price: Pricing for plan varies.
  9. Sybase Mobile Sales for SAP CRM. This application provides sales teams with access to SAP CRM data for a mobile device. iPad, iPhone, Windows Mobile. Price: App is free.

    Social Networking and Collaboration Tools

  10. Salesforce Chatter. Collaborate with features popularized by social networking sites like Facebook. View updates on people, groups, and items. Share links, and “Like” posts to show support. Teams follow what matters to them most. Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, Windows Mobile. Price: App is free.

    Mobile app of Salesforce Chatter.

    Mobile app of Salesforce Chatter.

  11. Box Mobile. This collaboration app lets you view and share content — docs, audio, and video — files and folders. Any folder can be turned into a web page. Exchange feedback and track edited content. The iPad version can project files viewed on Box to a TV, LCD monitor, or projector via VGA Out. Android, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone. Price: App is free.
  12. HubSpot Leads. HubSpot is a marketing firm that provides inbound marketing to “get found” on the web. This mobile app for HubSpot allows you to access your HubSpot leads on the go. HubSpot Leads provides alerts whenever a lead converts on the user’s HubSpot portal. User can also access analytics, then call or email the lead. The mobile app is still in beta and is unsupported by customer service. Android. Price: App is free.
  13. Batchbook. A social CRM app, Batchbook’s mobile app is geared towards small businesses and entrepreneurs looking for a seamless way to manage social networking contacts on the go. The user can edit to-do lists, deals, and accounts, while making calls. Changes immediately sync with Batchbook account. Blackberry, iPad, iPhone. Price: App is free.

    Batchbook's social CRM mobile app.

    Batchbook’s social CRM mobile app.

  14. Sales CRM EZi. Track sales opportunities on your iPhone. Opportunities can be sorted by date or contact. View history of archived opportunities, as well as a dashboard for an overview of sales targets and statistics. This app is for iPhone only and does not sync with a desktop. iPhone. Price: Sales CRM EZi Lite is free; Sales CRM EZi is $9.99.
  15. Hashable Mobile. Hashable is a social app for managing business relationships. Send your virtual business card, manage your leads, and develop your Hashable Inner Circle, with real time updates on who your friends are meeting. iPad, iPhone. Price: App is free.
  16. Field Force Manager. A team productivity app, Field Force is also an app to manage relationships. Create a private Twitter-like network for your team. Share your status, get real time location updates for each member, and check in at meetings with GPS feature. iPad, iPhone. Price: App is $2.99.
  17. Facebook and Twitter. Social networking is causing lines to blur between personal and professional, and between business and casual. These apps are both business apps and social CRM channels. Take a page from Salesforce’s Chatter, and go social. Android, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, Playbook, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone. Price: Free.

     Twitter mobile app.

    Twitter mobile app.

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  1. YDeveloper May 6, 2011 Reply

    Mobile Commerce is going to be an emerging field. It will open a huge market for any business owner to sell their products/service online, which will also increase the customer engagement process and at that time, having such kind of application to manage customer will going to be more helpful.

  2. james2x May 7, 2011 Reply

    Mobile CRM is certainly the natural progression of things, and I think will very soon become more mainstream. The tools listed in this article look great, although I haven’t had the chance to really dive into all of the CRM tools yet. For the social networking tools I’m not a huge fan of Chatter thus far and hope they improve it. One iPhone app I’ve found to be extremely useful is VIPorbit… it’s not a full blown CRM system on your phone, but more of a very enhanced contacts manager. It allows you to store all the personal info you have on a client in one place such as their family names, likes & interests, etc. It logs calls and emails to each client, it integrates with your iCal calendar, and also has To-Do lists. I was a little skeptical since it’s a higher priced app in the app store, but it’s proven to be a great way to access client info on the go. Recommend checking them out…

  3. Sig Ueland May 11, 2011 Reply

    Thanks for the tip!

  4. iPhone Application Development September 7, 2011 Reply

    There are many mobile applications which are helpful for the customers’ relation management. Out of them some are chargeable and some applications are free of cost. They may be traditional CRM Apps, Social Networking Apps or may be some different apps. These applications are helpful in managing the customers’ relation. The mention apps are very useful for every enterprise. Thanks for sharing such an informative post.

  5. jerryw August 10, 2012 Reply

    Great Info!! Also check ‘My Sales Dialer’ a CRM plus power dialer; a very handy android application that lets people utilize a full featured call center type of dialer from their android phone. The app empowers the sales people to free themselves from office dialer while enabling same level of productivity. ‘My Sales Dialer’ works with the online management system. Either agents working from home or working on field their complete performance will be updated in my sales dialer’s online account. Administrator can evaluate performance, distribute leads and can also download generated leads by each caller. The working demonstration is available on

  6. Debby Sullivan August 21, 2014 Reply

    Is there a mobile app that lets you keep up with all your customers info like name, phone, ailments, family, anniversary, birthday, etc.

    • Jilian April 16, 2015 Reply

      Debby, This is what I am looking for. Did you ever find this type of app?

      • Courtney July 5, 2015 Reply

        Did either of you ever find an app?

  7. Stefan Safranek October 9, 2014 Reply

    Great list. We are using Ground Game 2. They have an entire customer database included in the software! You can use it to micro-target market segments, locate potential customers, and track your leads.

  8. Dias Cena February 21, 2015 Reply

    HI friends
    There is another version of the application for Android at a very cheap quick and do not waste the opportunity Just 24,95$

  9. Stephen8 March 1, 2016 Reply

    The mobile CRM that has been working best for my outside sales has been Badger Maps which I’m surprised isn’t listed here. It maps my CRM and let’s me connect to my entire sales team.

    • Cameron Waters April 15, 2016 Reply

      Hey Stephen, thanks for the recommendation. I’ve tried most of the ones on this list but Badger seems closest to what I’m looking for. ty

  10. loyaanderson April 21, 2016 Reply

    Mobile CRM has been the best for travelling business man. It had shown its growth, Apptivo mobile Apps had enhanced my business growth at all means. It has taken away my business cards. Allows an effective work.