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Many digital tools facilitate the running of an ecommerce business. Our library includes tools for web design, infographics, no-code apps, user experience, course creation, logo makers, video editors, performance testing, and much more.

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    Nine Simple Ways To Speed Up Tedious Tasks

    September 24, 2007 •

    Because I’m all about automation of the tedious of tasks, this month I’m offering up some key, yet very simple ways, to speed up tasks you’ve probably never given much thought to. While it may take me time to figure it out, I always try to tackle the pesky mundane tasks first. Auto-l...

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    Experiencing Server Overload

    November 1, 2006 •

    Each month I talk about things I’ve learned by watching how other store owners run their businesses. Not that I don’t make my own mistakes, but I often try to keep my own embarrassing moments to myself. Until now... I’ve talked before about what to look for in a hosting company. I’ve t...

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    Tools of the Trade

    June 1, 2006 •

    Welcome to our first installment of “Programming Notes,” a column designed to help novice web designers and developers with some of the challenges that they may face. Creating and maintaining a website requires someone to be familiar with graphic design, computer programming, server adm...

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    Hosting Companies: Top 10 Questions to Ask

    October 1, 2005 •

    I field many phone calls in any given day. And never does a day pass where I don’t get a call about someone having trouble with their host. Sometimes I have to bite my tongue, and many would be shocked at some of the stories I’ve heard. I think it’s time to just start referring people ...

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    Preventative Maintenance

    July 1, 2005 •

    I spend just as much time troubleshooting Miva Merchant issues as I do customizing storefronts. I've found that no matter how much you foolproof something, someone out there can, and will, find a way to break its functionality. Fortunately, users of Miva Merchant often need only follow ...