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Lessons from High-performing B2B Ecommerce Sellers

High-performing B2B ecommerce merchants execute across key revenue-generating functions. Examples include site search, content, customized pricing, on-boarding, and payment options. Reviewing the tactics of those merchants can help all B2B sellers accelerate essential changes, to prosper.

In this 30-minute webinar, which first aired on June 16, 2020, we’ll profile B2B companies that excel in ecommerce. We’ll focus on the components that drive their performance and suggest ways for other sellers to replicate their success — without breaking the bank.

Lessons from High-performing B2B Sellers

  • Site search. Modern B2B site search includes descriptions, brands, part numbers, and much more — all connected to quick-order capabilities. We’ll profile top B2B site-search examples.
  • Content. B2B buyers look for safety-data sheets, product specifications, descriptions, sales literature, regulatory issues — all, potentially, in multiple languages. We’ll cite examples industry-leading B2B ecommerce content.
  • Customized pricing. B2B ecommerce, unlike B2C, requires the ability to customize prices by customer. We’ll review dos and don’ts for communicating custom prices and address streamlined methods for updating them on the backend.
  • Easy quote generation. A simple, fast method for buyers to request quotes is essential for acquiring customers. We’ll spotlight the quote generators we like and explain why.
  • Quick on-boarding. The days of laborious, time-consuming credit approvals are over. B2B buyers in 2020 expect a swift, painless, on-boarding process. We’ll review innovative examples.
  • Multiple payment options. Credit cards, net-30 purchase orders, ACH payments, e-procurement (i.e., punchout) — offering multiple payment options will attract customers and drive revenue. We’ll discuss.


Following the presentation, we’ll answer questions from attendees.

About the Presenter

Lori McDonald (Brilliance Business Solutions)Lori McDonald is president and CEO of Brilliance Business Solutions, a B2B ecommerce development firm. She is also a Practical Ecommerce contributor. With a background in computer and electrical engineering, Lori is passionate about helping companies achieve big things by realizing the untapped potential of the web.

About the Sponsor

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