Practical eCommerce Launches Pay-Per-Click Report Card

Practical eCommerce is excited to announce the debut “PPC Report Card,” a monthly feature that critiques the pay-per-click advertising campaigns of selected ecommerce businesses. “PPC Report Card” will join “SEO Report Card” and “Usability Report Card” as a regular monthly feature. For each of these features, readers request that their site be graded. Third-party professionals chosen by Practical eCommerce then select the site to grade, and write-up their critique for Practical eCommerce to publish.

“PPC Report Card” will be written by PRIME Visibility‚Äôs Senior Pay-Per-Click Strategist Greg Laptevsky, a seasoned pay-per-click professional who manages the pay-per-click campaigns of companies worldwide.

According to Laptevsky, “PPC Report Card” will consist of six categories:

  • Account Structure
  • Keyword Choices
  • Relevancy
  • Landing Page
  • Account Settings
  • Performance Testing

“PPC Report Card” will require businesses to share confidential pay-per-click management access with Laptevsky. There are several ways to do this, depending on the search engine. Additionally, Laptevsky will need
to review the actual keywords, ads and landing pages. This could have a minor effect on the advertiser’s pay-per-click costs and, perhaps, its quality or relevancy score.

But the value of a free review by a professional is worth it, in our view. And the suggestions offered up by Laptevsky could save both the site and our readers thousands of dollars in pay-per-click expense.


Pay-Per-Click Report Card

Account Structure: A-

Keyword Choices: B+

Relevancy: B+

Landing Page: B+

Account Settings: B

Performance Testing: C


If youre interested in Laptevsky grading your site, please email

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