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Divante Ecommerce Software House
Divante Ecommerce Software House
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Divante is expert in providing top-notch ecommerce solutions and products for both B2B and B2C segments. By supporting our clients in sales growth, we generate novel ideas, implement the latest technologies, and deliver an unprecedented user experience.

Founded in 2008, Divante has been recognized as a “Forbes Diamond” and listed in Deloitte “Technology Fast 500 Central Europe.”

We work with industry leaders — such as T-Mobile, Continental, and 3M — that use technology as a component to success. With Divante services and products, we enable them to expand their business and boost competitive advantages.

Our team of approximately 150 in-house experts from various fields includes roughly 30 certified Magento developers, 30 Pimcore developers, JavaScript developers, product designers, analysts, project managers, and testers.

As a digital pioneer and strategic partner, Divante’s core competencies are focused on the enterprise open source software ecosystem and customized software solutions. (We love Pimcore, Magento, Symfony3, Node.js, Angular, React, Vue.js, and many others). We offer innovative solutions for ecommerce systems and support enterprise resource management platforms, product information management systems, and customer management application solutions — to name a few.

At Divante, we trust in cooperation. That’s why we contribute to open source products and create our own products such as Vue Storefront and Open Loyalty.

Divante in numbers:

  • 10 years on the market.
  • 100 clients globally.
  • 150 team members.
  • 300 projects delivered.



17 Dmowskiego St.
Wrocław 50-203