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Esputnik provides web-based marketing automation service that allows businesses to manage multichannel messaging campaigns via email, SMS, web push, Viber, and other instant messengers.

eSputnik features

  • Customer interaction flow builder for multichannel personalization in B2C ecommerce.
  • Segmentation and targeting based on customers’ preferences and activities in emails, on the website, or offline.
  • Orchestrate multiple channels in a single system with all kinds of messages for effective interaction with customers.
  • Real-time reporting for data-driven marketing.
  • A.I.-based features to take advantage of the power of machine learning.
  • Reliable infrastructure to ensure exceptional deliverability.

For over four years, eSputnik has been focused on reliability, customer service, and support for more than 22,000 clients in industries like ecommerce, marketplaces, banking, and educational platforms.



2035 Sunset Lake Rd.
Newark, DE 19702
United States