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Precognitive provides a fraud prevention platform that combines device intelligence, advanced behavioral analytics, machine learning, and a real-time decision engine to stop all types of fraud, including payment fraud, bot attacks, card testing, account creation, account takeover, and return abuse. Its technology empowers businesses to identify and thwart suspicious activities before fraudulent transactions occur. Businesses benefit immediately by significantly reducing fraud-related revenue loss and operational costs while increasing customer satisfaction and revenue through higher approval rates for genuine transactions.

Precognitive’s easy-to-deploy service offers full protection from the initial interaction point, monitoring sessions, devices, and users to proactively prevent attacks, lower manual review time, reduce false positives, and create a frictionless experience for online users. Precognitive customers typically see a reduction in fraud chargebacks, a decrease in account takeovers, and an increase in online sales. Customers also benefit from increased fraud-related operational efficiencies, with a decrease in orders requiring manual review.



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